In the third year of your studies, you will be challenged to go further in-depth by immersing yourself into a semester-long project working around a given theme. 

A driving aspect is to bring nuance and subtlety into both content and presentation of your work. You are expected to become aware of your potential audience, and the consequences this has for your work, as well as working with an entrepreneurial spirit.

Your long-term semester project will end up as your first solo-publication, produced in collaboration with students from KABK’s Graphic Design department. You are also expected to present your project using a different presentation platform; for example, using interactive design or moving image. You finish the project with a public presentation outside the academy where you will gain valuable experience in organising, constructing, publishing, financing and advertising a project, all the responsibility of you and your peers.

In the second half of the third year, you will initiate your own career orientation independently. In addition, you’ll make a head start with projects from the graduation year, meaning you complete a commissioned work and begin writing your thesis. More details can be found in the fourth year description.

The Individual Study Track (IST) provides you the opportunity to follow courses outside our department or create projects that complement your personal interests. You can also choose to follow an exchange semester at one of our partner institutions abroad.

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Art, Photography History and Reflection
Saskia Boer

Elsewhere Acquired Competences

Image Development: Presentation
Ton van Kints

Anja de Jong

Photography Intervention: Graphic Desgin
Vincent van Baar

Photography Intervention: IMD or AV

Professional Practice Skills
Raimond Wouda

Professional Practice Skills
Femke Lutgerink

PT Station: Commissioned Work
Donald Weber

PT Station: Intervention 2

Semester Presentation
Raimond Wouda

Saskia Boer

Workshop Skills


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