In the second year, you’ll dive further into specific aspects of your chosen specialisation Fiction or Documentary.

The difference is primarily manifested in long-term photography courses, taught by internationally acclaimed specialists with different backgrounds in photography. An important goal for the second year is to have your personality shine through in your projects. This ambition is helped by courses like Civil Society Lab where you will be encouraged to explore your fascinations outside the world of art and photography. 

As the focus on technique subsides after the second year, this is the last year to bring your technical skills to the highest level possible. You’ll deepen your knowledge and experience of moving image and interactive media in courses that are tailored to your chosen direction. You also follow a course that entirely focuses on presentation techniques - in line with the ambitions within your work.

The Individual Study Track (IST) – starting in the second year – provides you an opportunity to follow courses outside the department or to do projects that complement your personal interests. You can also choose to follow an exchange semester at one of our partner institutions abroad.

One of the highlights of the second year is the international fieldtrip where you will produce a body of work on a self-chosen topic within one week. The project is preceded by intensive preparatory research. After the trip, you and your peers will collaborate in editing and producing a publication in a one-week workshop.

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Art, Photography History & Reflection
Lonneke de Groot

Civi Society Lab
Thomas Bragdon

Conceptual Still
Krista van der Niet

Directing People
Annaleen Louwes

Donald Weber

Fieldtrip Preparation
Raimond Wouda

Graphic Design- Online Offline publication
Vincent van Baar

Anja de Jong

Photography & Society
Donald Weber

Photography Technical Skills
Ernst Yperlaan

Photography: Dissecting Methodologies
Jan Rosseel

Professional Practice Skills
Kim Nuijen

Semester Presentation
Raimond Wouda

Workshop Skills


Professional Practice Skills
Kim Nuijen

Short description
The professional attitude of the student is stimulated by examining the study and the program to see how he/she can optimally use this knowledge for the implementation of the program. Setting up an Individual Study Plan (IST) is an important part in semester 1. Similarly the Network Week (NNW), in terms of organization and participation. In semester 2, the IST plan is re-defined and approved, but set independently. All curricular activities are part of the BV (professional skills) program. Peer learning is promoted within this range. This means that 2nd year students benefit from the knowledge and experience of the 3rd year students, support 4th year students in building up the exam exhibition, but also pass their own experience to the 1st year students and aspirants. Especially the study trip to Warsaw, the building of the final exam exhibition and attending the internship-reflection-days stimulate of self initiative and a professional attitude.

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Credits (ECTS) Meeting time (in hours) Self-study time (in hours)

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