Fleurie Kloostra / Curator Melkweg Gallery

Fleurie Kloostra (the Netherlands, 1977) is programmer photography/visual arts for Melkweg Expo and freelance curator for several Visual Arts institutions. After obtaining her master’s degree in Art and Economics at the HKU, she was curator for Vlaams Cultuurhuis De Brakke Grond. Sinds 2013 she is responsible for the artistic year programme at Melkweg Amsterdam. She was also visiting teacher at HISK in Ghent, at the Breitner Academy, Fotoacademie and participating in several jury’s and masterclasses. As a freelance curator, she worked on innovative exhibition concepts such as the Asylum Search Engine and exhibitions for Corrosia Almere. In addition to this, she is often consulted for think tanks and as jury member or portfolio reviewer.