PPS indv. assessment

Deadline sending in assignments Tuesday January 9th.

Make sure you hand in all your documents as pdf files on time, deadline Jan 9th, via Wetransfer to [email protected]

* Self evaluation for PPS; it’s online at the PPS section of the portal: ‘PPS_sem1_self_evaluation_Rename_document_as_described.docx’. Safe it as a pdf file.

* PFF containing 25 photographers/ artists, only pdf files! 

* PFF reflection (also pdf!) where you write down the three favorite photographers from you PFF (min. 1 fiction + 1 docu). For each one you write down a one sentence explanation why he/she is one of your favorite photographers. 

* Tumblr: Kim assesses your Tumblr starting Jan 10 online.
(Between Jan 10 and the CA no uploading on the Tumblr page.) 

* Only pdf files are accepted. Corrupted files count as missing the deadline. Missing the deadline means failing the concerning part of your assessment. 

Indv. assessment takes place Thursday 18th Jan. Schedule will be uploaded before on the portal.

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