Works for OPEN DAY
Open Call: Department mobilisation!

Submit your work for the group exhibition during Open Day on 27th of January.

For the upcoming open day we would like to show the visitors the variety of works and photographic strategies that we very proud to have at our academy. Therefor we decided to make an exhibition/installation out of your photographs in the big studio. The idea is to have as many works as possible and arrange an installation where it all the images together create a one homogeneous image that shows the multiplicity of approaches. To accomplish this ambitious plan, we need your works. If you have your photographs mounted on any type of hard surface, please submit them for the Open Day group installation. These can be the prints you used for other expos, collective assessments or other occasions. Of course, after the Open Day, you can take your prints back. 

Please send me the digital image together with the dimensions and type of mounting on the back via email [email protected] before 20th of January. 

Use this opportunity to show your work to the audience, there will be no selection process, the only requirements are: print has to me mounted and it should be possible to hang it from the celling. Looking forward to hear from you and expose your works to the visitors of the Open Day!

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