Thursday, 22 February 2018, 16:00-17:30 Auditorium

Last semester Marcel Feil had to cancel his lecture, so we are happy that he is back this time! He will talk about a specific issue of Foam magazine. We based partly our theme on his introduction text about Post-Truth.

Marcel Feil, the deputy director of artistic affairs from FOAM, photography museum Amsterdam and responsible for FOAM Magazine. A magazine that’s spread in 15 countries and in an edition of 5000. The magazine was introduced at the opening of the museum in 2001. Created to stay close to the audience who is used to see photography in a printed matter. For Transmission Lexicon the topic is corresponding with the 48th edition named Propaganda. In this magazine the alarming rise of Post-Truth politics is brought to light to have a closer look at the nature and provenance of information, especially visual material. In this magazine Feil brought together an interesting list of writers and photographers. The photographers consist of Mathieu Asselin, Roger Ballen, Asger Carlsen, Harit Srikhao, etc. mostly being contemporary photographers and artists who have a connection towards the theme propaganda. They share a critical attitude to propagandist media strategies and the visual imagery deployed within them. 

Please inform all your students, especially the 2nd and/or 3d year students for whom the Studium Generale programme is a mandatory part of their studies.

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