Shrinking Space: Inoffensive Art by Nadezhda Titova
Opening 13 November at 16:00 at Nutshuis

Justice and Peace Nederland is presenting an exhibition entitled SHRINKING SPACE – We Are All Human Rights Defenders #2 in Het Nutshuis. Many countries are restricting the space for human rights and human rights defenders. Inequality and oppression are being given a free rein. SHRINKING SPACE is a soapbox for all those who stand up for freedom and universal rights, allowing them to speak. What would you do if …

… your family simply vanished overnight? In the installation Footprints of Memory, artist Alfredo López Casanova seeks attention for the situation facing the many Mexican parents who search high and low for children who simply disappear. He has engraved the worn-out soles of their ragged shoes with their personal stories.
And what would you do if… you didn’t quite know what the government does and doesn’t allow you to do? The latest project by the Russian photographer Nadezhda Titova is called Inoffensive Art. It shows how artists in Russia are feeling increasingly uncomfortable criticising or questioning society through their art. Fear of the arbitrary measures imposed by government is literally cramping their style.
In addition to the work by these two artists, Lucía and Maria will be talking about their work as defenders of human rights in Mexico and Russia at the opening of SHRINKING SPACE and during the weeks that follow. They are both taking part in the Shelter City programme. The Hague was the first of ten Shelter Cities currently operating in the Netherlands, which offer a safe environment for human rights defenders to think and talk about their work without fear of repercussions.
This exhibition was instigated by Justice and Peace Nederland in association with Het Nutshuis, SMX Collectief and the Royal Academy of Art The Hague. Also brought to you by Fonds1818.

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