VSB Fonds scholarship
Only for Dutch 4th year students and Dutch alumni 2016-2017

All 4th year Dutch students, students with Dutch nationality and Dutch alumni from 2016-2017 are invited to apply for a VSBFonds scholarship.

This scholarship is specifically meant for studying a master or doing a research abroad. One of the main criteria is: what is the societal benefits of your study abroad? In other words, what do you give back to the Dutch society after your study or research abroad? The scholarship is a one-time scholarship for a maximum of 10,000 euros. Online application deadline 1st of March 2018.
For information on the scholarship please check www.vsbfonds.nl (all information is in Dutch)
Non-Dutch students
Non-Dutch students who are living in the Netherlands for a long time (not on a student visa) may apply. However, the VSBFonds has to approve of their application. Some of the approval criteria are command of Dutch language, settled in the Dutch society and receiving study financing from DUO. (Please check FAQs in link below)

For further information, please contact Aparajita Dutta, Head of International Affairs, University of the Arts The Hague ([email protected])

[email protected]

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