For all students in 2nd year Photojournalism, please bring a notebook to class. This will be used every week and should be seen as separate from your other notebooks. We will use this a gathering place for sources, document your research, work in progress, lists, etc.

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Career Orientation

First class is Monday 7th. Assignment: bring your favorite photo book. We're going to discuss them during class.

Research Lab The Scream
problem with email

anna's email failed: if you want to participate, please mail again: a.abrahams@kabk.nl, anna@eyefilm.nl or rong@dds.nl :-)JF

Tuesday8 september
Junes & Jannies Fiction

Hello everybody, upcoming Tuesday I wish to see ALL Junes and Jannies together in my morning-class, be prepared for an update and presentation on the current state of your work.

Calendarium 2015-2016

In Excel on the downloadpage.

R&D Research seminar groups

On the downloadpage you find the groups, times, places and seminar teachers. It is one document with all the groups mentioned, so please find your name.

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Mon. Sept.7

READER is available at the front desk (Euro 8). Please read no.3/4/5 + bring interesting photograph from your Paradise research (not your own). Reminder: BOOKREVIEW is to be handed in.

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Bring your own lock!

On the downloadpage under 'Students & Lecturers' you find the overview for the lockers (a print version near the lockers). I noticed that some lockers were already in use. If applicable, change lockers conform the overview so that everyone can make use of their assigned locker >> Marlene Kromhout

PPS // Ellen Dosse
Today 13.10 pm, PD101

Thursday 3 September, BA.112, 12:30-17:00

All 3 films of the trilogy will be screened from 12:30 on. Small break between the films. Great input for FASE 1: Formation of Topics! Entire film is mainly in German with English subtitles

getting acquainted

Please take some AV material with you: either a selfmade project or a film that inspired you.

consultation hour

Due to kick-off there will be no class of PPS tomorrow, but a small consultation hour between 11:00 and 12:00. If you want to discuss re-assessments and credits sign up by sending an email to l.sprengers@kabk.nl. Otherwise I'll see you next Thursday 10 September 09:00-12:20.

Practical Assignment

Thursday 3 September, 12:00, Gallery or white studio: meet with Guus Rijven and Mirjam Zweers and learn more about this great change to have a wonderful practical assignment!

Photo overviews available
On downloadpage

Image Development

For the Image development class this week, I would like to ask you all to bring your 5 absolute favorite images. Can be of anything, painting, drawing, a photo of your cute cat or whatever else you love as an image. The 5 images that made you want to study at KABK and become an image maker yourself.

Photography Technical Skills/Deen van Meer
Thursday September 03

Some of you asked me where to buy the film and chemicals you need for your assignments. Besides at the Academy shop in the cellar I have some other suggestions. You can find them in the document 'list of accessories first year' that you can find at my download section of the portal. Regarding this Thursday: Andrew Valkenburg will be waiting for you at the big studio. He will instruct you. Be in time!

Scheduele Book presentation DIGI
for Parttime

The scheduele for the presentations for parttime you can find below:

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Schedules 2015-2016 semester 1

Can be found on the download-page under 'Students & Lecturers'.

Signed forms Collective Assessment 2
June 2015

I still have signed forms from the CA held in June 2015. Can be found in my mailbox near the Library >> Marlene Kromhout

3 day workshop with Loek van Vliet and Thijs groot Wassink

Do you know what you'd like to work on this year and got it all mapped out? Or does the thought of graduating alone give you sleepless nights?

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Looking for volunteers
Free UNSEEN day ticket

Are you interested in the photo book industry? Do you want to hook up with important people in the photography field? Then come and help us out at the KABK bookstand!

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Nominees Steenbergen Stipendium
KABK: 4 out of 5

Four graduates of our Photography department have been nominated for the prestigious Steenbergen Stipend: Esther Hovers, Amber Toorop, Yara van der Velden and Majda Vidakovic. The fifth nominee is Lou Muuse from the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam.

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Dag van de Fotografie bij FOTODOK
13 september 2015

Laat je inspireren door professionals uit de wereld van fotografie! Het programma is grotendeels in het Nederlands!

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Poznan Photo Diploma Award 2015
Deadline: 30 August 2015

Poznan Photo Diploma Award 2015 is an international competition organized by the University of Arts in Poznan with the objective to showcase and promote the best BA and MA diploma works in photography from all over the world.

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Affiche-tentoonstelling De Fantastische Vijand
24 juni t/m 21 september 2015

De 60 winnende affiches (waarvan 11 van onze opleiding - GEFELICITEERD!) van de jaarlijkse affichewedstrijd voor eerstejaars studenten van diverse Academies is te zien in de Affiche Galerij in Den Haag en in de 3sec. Gallery in Breda. Opening op 24 juni om 16.00 uur in Mezz, Keizerstraat 101 in Breda.

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Possibility to earn some money in Arles

Dear student, Have you planned a trip to the upcoming photofestival Les Rencontres d’Arles and will you be there during the opening week? Then we might have a perfect opportunity for you to earn some money while you are there. We from Ydoc are looking for students who can spread around flyers for us in Arles. It will take up just a couple of hours tops, so you will be able to enjoy the festival as much as you wish to. Are you interested? Send an email to: lisette@ydocfoundation.org and I’ll give you more details. In the meantime, sure have a look at our website: www.ydocfoundation.org! Cheers and see you in Arles! Ydoc team

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Interview Kimmo Virtanen in GUP Magazine
3rd year Fiction student

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Nationale-Nederlanden Portfolio Dag
Donderdag 11 juni 16.00 - 19.00 uur

Op donderdag 11 juni van 16.00 tot 19.00 organiseert Nationale-Nederlanden, in samenwerking met het Nederlands Fotomuseum, de Portfolio Dag. Op deze dag kunnen jonge, getalenteerde fotografen hun werk tonen aan internationale fotografie-experts. In korte persoonlijke sessies bekijken Ringel Goslinga, Lucia Nimcova en Ari Versluis & Ellie Uyttenbroek het fotografische werk en krijgen de fotografen tips en kostbare feedback. Je kunt je aanmelden door een e-mail te sturen naar communicatie@nederlandsfotomuseum.nl, onder vermelding van ‘Nationale-Nederlanden Portfolio Dag’.

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Exhibition Noémie Goudal
The Geometrical Determination of the Sunrise

The exhibition is now open until 23 August 2015.

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Artist Talk Mathieu Pernot (FR, 1970)
3 June at 20:00 hrs, between 19:00 and 20:00 hrs visit exhibition

FotoMuseum, Waalsekaai 47, 2000 Antwerpen; tickets: € 10 / € 6 (-26j) / € 0 (FoMu Friends+, FoMu Academy); reserve via +32 (0)3 242 93 20 or form (see link)

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START UP - network, information and dialogue
Wednesday 3rd June from 16.00 - 22.00 hrs.

An inspiring and informative program for and about starting artists, organized by Stroom Den Haag in collaboration with the Royal Academy of Art on Wednesday 3rd June from 16.00 - 22.00 hrs. Full program under 'downloads'.

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Felix Schoeller Photo Award
Deadline midnight 31st May 2015

The deadline for submitting entries to the international Felix Schoeller Photo Award 2015 is midnight on 31.05.2015. Anyone still wishing to submit work can do so online at www.felix-schoeller-photoaward.com

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Donkere Kamer #24
Monday May 11, 20:00-22:00

This edition: live-interview with Rob Hornstra, Lotte Sprengers and Corinne Noordenbos on Photography education at KABK. If you can't attend, watch online using live stream.

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KABK Photography: presentation at Fotofestival Naarden
Friday May 15, 16:00-17:30

The department has a thrilling presentation of itself at the festival. Come an join us, or attend in combination with a regular visit to the festival (hosting 2 very familiar people's work: Sem Langendijk and Rob Wetzer)!

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Unseen Photo Fair opens submissions for the Dummy Award 2015
Submissions will be accepted by post starting from the 1st of May up until the 25th of July 2015.

Unseen Photo Fair, the annual celebration of new photography, and Lecturis are calling all designers and photographers to submit their dummies for the Unseen Dummy Award 2015.

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Breda Photo 2016
Start October 9 2015

Here’s your chance to participate! As part of the IST program photography students of the 2nd, 3rd and 4th are invited to participate and represent the KABK at Breda Photo 2016. More info on the downloadpage under 'Students'.

Join the Social Media Team
IST for 6 students

Almost everyone uses social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat or Twitter. Use of social media seems to be innocent, but can be of large influence on your professional career. Do you want to learn how to deal with social media on a professional level?

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Assisting Rein Janssen
4-7 September 2015

High speed shoot for Frame magazine! I'm looking for two enthusiastic assistants that would like to help. The shooting days will be long but interesting and fun! You will be learning a lot about lighting, building a set for a complicated still-life shoot.

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Update on the Council of Culture assignment:
Only 5 students can apply for the final presentation on Wednesday April the 29th 2015.

Therefore, it is necessary to know who is intending to participate and made a design for a presentation on the Blue Room. Only than we know if we have to pre-select.

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Paid assignment
Promotional photos Practicum Musicae

Practicum Musicae is a cooperation between Leiden University and the Royal Conservatory which enables university students to take courses in music theory and performance. Students have the opportunity to participate in the Practicum Musicae concert series to practice their performance skills and present their achievements. These concerts take place last Thursday of every month in the Lokhorstkerk in Leiden. In order to keep in touch with its audience and approach new students, Practicum Musicae wants to develop attractive promotional material. Therefore, Practicum Musicae is looking for a photographer who is willing to take pictures during a PM-concert. For more information (e.g. expectations, fee: € 75), please contact Annemarie Kosten-Dür: a.kostenduer@koncon.nl

Korzo / Up & Coming Choreographers / NDT (Dutch Dance Theatre) - 2015
Photo Project for 2 students

The collaboration between choreographers of Up & Coming Choreographers and photography students of the Academy after several editions has become almost a tradition. The participating organizations (NDT, Korzo and Royal Academy) would like to continue this tradition. See briefing in English below.

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Your work in the conference room of Raad van Cultuur?
Meeting Wednesday Feb 4

Wonderful assignment! Sign up by emailing Guus Rijven.

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Handout at PH4 // Parctical assignment

NRC-Q is a digital publication for the business sector and firms, made for smartphone, tablet and PC. Over 1 million unique visitors per month. NRC-Q is looking for a quirky creator of images for at least three recurring topics. For both fiction and documentary highly suitable. Please read the briefing and sign up at Guus Rijven (g.rijven@kabk.nl). Briefing only in Dutch, please contact Guus if this causes problems!

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NUTSHUIS practical assignment
handout available

Handout at PHft4 // Practical Assignment. Since there'll be a pitch to select participants, contact Mirjam and Guus when you plan to participate.

Practical Assignment with Sanquin
Pitch: october 6

6 portraits + cover for special edition of GUL (Sanquin) Handout now at PHft4 >> Practical Assignment >> "Praktijkopdr_Sanquin" Sign up by emailing Guus: g.rijven@kabk.nl

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Op hoop van zegen
Wendy Oakes

De rooms-katholieke kerk wordt geplaagd door schandalen. Met name het groeiend aantal meldingen van sexueel misbruik door priesters en andere geestelijken heeft de kerk ernstige imago-schade toegebracht.

De kerk heeft geprobeerd gevallen van kindermisbruik binnenshuis te houden en zelf op te lossen. In het stuk Crimen Sollicitationis, uit 1962 staat hoe om te gaan met deze misdrijven.

Ik heb geprobeerd te begrijpen vanuit welke zienswijze de problemen toen werden aangepakt. Ik ontdekte dat dat niet betekent dat ik ook begrip heb voor de daders en het instituut dat de daders en zichzelf probeerde te beschermen tegen deze aantasting van binnenuit.

Ik heb geworsteld met de spanning tussen enerzijds de eigen verantwoordelijkheid van elke priester en anderzijds zijn levenslange verbondenheid met de kerk door zijn functie.

En hoe geestelijkheid zich verhoudt tot de lichamelijkheid van de misdrijven, de vleselijkheid van de zonde.

docent | admin