Coachmeetings Lotte Sprengers
Thursday 26-11 & Monday 30-11

-small changes Thursday timetable- Please fill out the coachform (downloads) and send to l.sprengers@kabk.nl BEFORE the meeting. Timetable below:

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Now online at course description: updated schedule chain reaction + wallpaper.

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Five Obstructions
Watch it, PJ!

Five Obstructions is in the DropBox, be sure to watch as soon as you can, perhaps after watching this movie you'll get a sense of ways to utilize obstructions, deviations, obstacles and roadblocks to your advantage.

Technical Skills Assignment
Eddo Hartmann

Please find assignments from Eddo Hartmann below. First Fiction and below Documentary. DEADLINE NEXT MONDAY 30 NOVEMBER!

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chain reaction keywords for Monday 30th Nov. Group 4: freedom Group 5: power

Image Development by Johan Gustavsson
25 November 2015 // time change

Due to a lecturers meeting, the lessons from Johan change as follows (see hereunder).

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26 nov we meet 12.00 at Tuschinski

At 12 o'clock I will wait for you in the doorway of Tuschinski with tickets for the whole day: Reguliersbreestraat 26-34, 1017 CN Amsterdam. Many of you still have to pay me 17,50 euro. Do it now! (no money, no tickets) If you forgot the banknr mail me: anna@rongwrong.net and I will let you know.

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Some advice (PJ)
Shoot! Shoot! Shoot!

Stop thinking. Start shooting.

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APhH class Phpt2
Tue Nov. 24

Since Elke is sick, you are welcome to join my class for daytime students on Tuesdays. This class starts at 9.50 or at 13.10h, in BA013.

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sociology BB216 tuesd 24 Nov
1630-1810 fulltime. Parttime: 1810-1940

Please read and download schedule and assignments at Sociologie 2 at this portal, pdf named 'block2Sociologie.....' Also download recommended literature to read during the day:-) Room is BB216.

Coach meeting @ BA.103 (former office Rob & Lotte)
Thursday 26 November 2015

See below for the schedule:

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Photography Technical Skills // Eddo Hartmann
Change schedule for semester 2

Starting Monday 16 November, Eddo Hartmann will replace Theo van Dusseldorp for Photography Technical Skills. Since he is not availabe on Tuesday, this means a change in schedule (see hereunder). We are aware that due to this change, the schedule for 2D is not ideal on Monday and Tuesday. But given the circumstances we would really like you to work with Eddo.

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Tuesday 24 November 2015

See below for the schedule.

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Coach Meetings PHdt1 Raimond Wouda
tuesday 24 november from 12 til 16.30

Timetable. I start at 12 until 16.30. For schedule read below

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Monday 23 November 2015

09:00-10:00: Internship // 10:00-12:20: Intervention PARADISE

Technical Skills
Eddo Hartmann

Timetable for Monday as last week, so PHft2D starts at 09:30!

Art, Photography History & Reflection
Elke van Eeden: sick

Due to sickness no Art, Photography History & Reflection tomorrow. We will keep you updated through the portal how we will go about the missed classes.

Thesis meeting with Ingrid
Monday Nov.23

Thesis meeting with Ingrid this Monday at 12.20h. Please contact me if you prefer to see me later this week.

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Sociology: let us observe them!
Tuesday 24 Nov

Meeting PB-111 16:30 - 18:10 Fulltime-students and Meeting: PB-111 18:10 – 19:40 for Parttime-students. Please read and bring

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CO dropbox
agenda announcements assignment

All students are now invited to join the Dropbox file for the agenda announcements. You'll automatically receive an invite via e-mail. Next up this Monday are Co, Sophie and Loretta. Please make sure to upload your presentation in pdf to the Dropbox before class starts.


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Photo Book Preview! 2016
21 November 2015@Nutshuis: 14:30 hrs, free admission

Pitch your plan for a photo book and get tips from photographer Claudia Heinermann and graphic designer Sybren Kuiper!

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VPRO Cover 1 Design Contest 2016
Theme: push back frontiers // Deadline: 8 December 2015

How much fun it was – from 1995 onwards – to be able to just drive to Paris in one go, without being held up by menacing-looking customs officers. With the disappearance of guardhouses, barriers and border posts to some extent the whole concept of borders seemed to vanish as well. In future we would basically have to fill in the fact that we were going from one country to another ourselves: we are now crossing the border.

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Masterclasses at FOAM Amsterdam

FOAM offers several interesting masterclasses in November. Take a look at their website for all the information.

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Workshop Create your own successful photoproject by Marieke van der Velden
25 November 2015 in The Hague

Important: Programme is in DUTCH

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GEM: Launch party 30 October 2015 20:00 - 01:00 hrs.
The Hague

Our recent alumni are being presented in the NOW or NEVER show! Juuke Schoorl, Lynne Brouwer, Esther Hovers, Rixt de Boer and Olya Oleinic!!! You need a flyer to get in; get it @PD.103

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Guernsey Photography Festival 2015
Submission deadline: 27 November 2015

The Guernsey Photography Festival and Raven Russia Ltd. present a major photography competition designed to promote the work of Channel Island and university students. The winners will be given the opportunity to gain valuable exposure by exhibiting at the next Guernsey Photography Festival in September 2016.

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31th International Festival of Fashion and Photography in Hyères
Call for entries: deadline 25 November 2015

The festival proposes diverse exhibitions, professional panel discussions and two competitions. The competitions showcase 10 fashion designers and 10 photographers selected by a jury of professionals in each field. The work of the chosen candidates is presented to the jury and the public in either fashion shows (designers) or group exhibitions (photographers).

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Salone del Mobile 2016 // Milan, Italy
pitch deadline 4 November

Great chance to participate in the next Salene del Mobile's presentation of KABK. Work(plans) around the theme RESET? Hand in your proposals!

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Office Rob, Lotte & Marlène

We changed offices and you can find us now in room PD.102 // Rob, Lotte and Marlène

Do you want to contribute to helping refugees in Amsterdam?
Competition and auction MY AMSTERDAM, MY HOME

Enter the competition. More information can be found on the website (in Dutch only).

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AVROTROS Photo Award
What does 'Home' mean to you?

The sun in your bedroom, playing with your children, your parental house. But what if you are never at home? Or you don't have a home? With winter coming up and a big refugee crisis, the question of 'home' seems more current than ever. The public television channel AVROTROS is looking for the best photo that describes 'home'.

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Lecture 'Scrollytelling' by Martijn van Tol and Dirk Jan Visser
Thursday October 8, 2015, 13.30 - 15.00 Auditorium

Scrollytelling allows you to compose and publish multimedia stories on the web with an easy-to-use editor. No coding skills needed.

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Lecture ‘Photographs Lie, Photographer’s Do Not’ by Donald Weber
Wednesday 14 October, 17:00-18:00 Spui 25, Amsterdam

Photographer Donald Weber argues for the return of control over the image, the photographer as author, and reducing the current dominance of technique and aesthetics in photojournalism. A lecture on responsible authorship and technical temptations, with a special musical introduction.

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Lunch Lecture Daniel Mayrit
Thursday October 8, 2015 12.20 - 13.10 Auditorium

Next Thursday October 8, there will be a lunch lecture by Daniel Mayrit in the Auditorium. His book 'You Haven't Seen Their Faces' is currently nominated for the prestigious Paris Photo First Book Award 2015.

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Horst P. Horst | Photographer of Style
26 September - 10 January 2016@Nederlands Fotomuseum Rotterdam

The Nederlands Fotomuseum presents the first major retrospective exhibition in the Netherlands of the work of Horst P. Horst (1906-1999), one of the most important fashion photographers of the twentieth century.

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Practical Assignment
Coalition for the International Criminal Court

Shooting photos at official events and meetings during the Assembly of States Parties of the Coalition for the International Criminal Court (CICC). You need to available from 18 - 26 November 2015. The Assembly takes place in The Hague. More information on the downloadpage (CICC_2015).

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Alex de Groot Photography needs assistants

I am looking for photo students who would like to assist me on my photography projects. I am looking for photo assistants who also can function as digital techs and looking for students who can work well with photoshop. It will be a great way to learn how it works in the professional world. I will help with any situations that come up while shooting for a client. I am a relaxed and patient photographer to work with. Please feel free to email or call/text me if you are interested and it will be nice to make some extra money. // Alex de Groot (+31-6-23253588)

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Breda Photo 2016
Start October 9 2015

Here’s your chance to participate! As part of the IST program photography students of the 2nd, 3rd and 4th are invited to participate and represent the KABK at Breda Photo 2016. More info on the downloadpage under 'Students'.

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IST assignment: 10 October: Festival of the Future, by De Correspondent
Supervision: Sterre Sprengers, image editor De Correspondent

FUTURE: the day will evolve around 6 themes (economics, energy, media, privacy, etc.) and will be packed with lectures, workshops, theater, discussions. It will all end in a great party in which dancing is compulsory!

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Join the Social Media Team
IST for 6 students

Almost everyone uses social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat or Twitter. Use of social media seems to be innocent, but can be of large influence on your professional career. Do you want to learn how to deal with social media on a professional level?

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Assisting Rein Janssen
4-7 September 2015

High speed shoot for Frame magazine! I'm looking for two enthusiastic assistants that would like to help. The shooting days will be long but interesting and fun! You will be learning a lot about lighting, building a set for a complicated still-life shoot.

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Update on the Council of Culture assignment:
Only 5 students can apply for the final presentation on Wednesday April the 29th 2015.

Therefore, it is necessary to know who is intending to participate and made a design for a presentation on the Blue Room. Only than we know if we have to pre-select.

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Paid assignment
Promotional photos Practicum Musicae

Practicum Musicae is a cooperation between Leiden University and the Royal Conservatory which enables university students to take courses in music theory and performance. Students have the opportunity to participate in the Practicum Musicae concert series to practice their performance skills and present their achievements. These concerts take place last Thursday of every month in the Lokhorstkerk in Leiden. In order to keep in touch with its audience and approach new students, Practicum Musicae wants to develop attractive promotional material. Therefore, Practicum Musicae is looking for a photographer who is willing to take pictures during a PM-concert. For more information (e.g. expectations, fee: € 75), please contact Annemarie Kosten-Dür: a.kostenduer@koncon.nl

Korzo / Up & Coming Choreographers / NDT (Dutch Dance Theatre) - 2015
Photo Project for 2 students

The collaboration between choreographers of Up & Coming Choreographers and photography students of the Academy after several editions has become almost a tradition. The participating organizations (NDT, Korzo and Royal Academy) would like to continue this tradition. See briefing in English below.

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Your work in the conference room of Raad van Cultuur?
Meeting Wednesday Feb 4

Wonderful assignment! Sign up by emailing Guus Rijven.

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Gemeten blootstelling overschrijdt de norm niet
Piet Janssens

Sommige woorden ademen tijd. In dit concept is dat onzekerheid. Ben jij ergens nog veilig voor GSM stralen? Wordt er een inbreuk gepleegd op de integriteit en vrijheid van de burger? De mensen die angst hebben voor GSM-stralen zijn bang omdat ze aanzien worden als mensen die leeuwen en beren zien waar er geen zijn...

De focus op gezondheid is niet vanzelfsprekend, vermoede dreigingen die door de mens zijn veroorzaakt, worden beleidsmatig beperkt door het voorzorgsprincipe toe te passen. Dat leidt al eens tot misverstanden.

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