Directing People
online & answer to 1A

Now on the portal assignment 7 and assignment 5 (part2)! Please sent me (by mail) ASAP the groups you made for assignment 7 (as you haven’t done yet). Answer for class 1A: In consultation, I have decided not to change the morning/afternoon class on Thursday. The reason therefor is to get familiar with and experience to work with given circumstances, - that will occur in your future professional practice as well-. With much more time to prepare this time for the pre-production (see assignment 5 part2) and the knowledge you have build up during the first shoot, accompanied with the debriefing during class of Deen & Ilse. I am certain you will manage to create some great photographs.

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GD Ewoud Traast
Magazines final design

Dear students, for typographic and graphic design inspiration you can download the powerpoint at the portal. Go to Graphic Design 1 Ewoud Traast and download Magazines.ppt success with all final magazines and uhh, also Merry X-mas and a very inspiring new year. Ewoud

GO publications 3
adapted schedule

Due to your visit to Europol building on friday, I will see part of the students on location. So I will be there as well from 11h tot 12h and continue at the kabk during lunch break. Vincent van Baar

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GO publications 4 ATTENTION
please book by mail

To prevent mismanagement of time: please send em a mail if you want to see me on thursday 18th. Between 14 an 16h. Thank you, Vincent van Baar

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Return of research assignment/Breda Photo
Thursday 18th December

In my pigeonhole you can find your essays with my written feedback and your assessement form. Please pick this out of my pigeonhole before the Holidays because some of you have to re-do it.

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thursday 18 at 12.20 PM in the cinema

we will meet in the cinema. those who were not present last monday, please show the state of things of your project. the other projects are on the right track, nevertheless i am always curious about your progress. it is the last meeting before the christmas break: after this meeting you will be on your own for two weeks. :-)JF

Workshop Presentation CANCELED
Thursday December 18

Due to the illness of Corinne, not recovered in time, the workshop for tomorrow has to be canceled. SORRY!

Europol E.O.
location presentations plan v2

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PPS // Ellen Dosse
Thursday December 17

Class starts at 13 pm both Fiction and Documentary with a short meeting with Joppe Put (PHft3). We will continue with the documentary group. Fiction will continue their extra class with Simon.

IM workshop
Thursday, December 18 in PD.004

This Thursday we will meet in small groups of 4 students (per hour). Please book your time slot via DOODLE.

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CO fiction research assignment
Wednesday 17th December

For the ones who did not yet put there fiction research assignment in my maillbox/pigeonhole: today is your last change! (pigeonhole is close to the libary)

Assessment form Green Light
9 December 2014

Jannies: You can find the signed assessment forms from the Green Light session on 9 December in the pigeonhole of Marlene Kromhout.

PPS evaluation forms

Students that did not attend class today; your evaluation forms are in Kim's mailbox. Make sure to put then in your study file (the blue one).

Photography Technical Skills/Deen van Meer
Tuesday December 16

do not forget to bring your cameras and manuals

Traditional X-Mas-Chat: Homo Eligens
Sociology 14:50-15:50 16th Dec

We meet in the Chatroom @Edu2.0 (written text only) and discuss the following thesis by Zygmunt Bauman (2005): The Homo Eligens is being driven by obsessive change. Always incomplete and never finished,

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Dec. 16

REMINDER: 2F starts at 10 AM (2D at 12.45h as usual). Do not be late!

Corinne is ill
Monday December 15th

I will try to be recovered before Thursday when the 4th year has the presentation workshop

Jantjes Presentatiebespreking
Tuesday Dec 16

F:12.00-13.30 met Krista, Anja en Ton in BA.112. D:14.00-16.00 met Hans en Ton in PD.102.

No classes CO (phft1) and PPS (phft4) // Marga Rotteveel
Monday December 15

Due to illness Marga.

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PPS // Lotte Sprengers
Monday December 15

09:00-10:00: Captainsmeeting, 10:00-12:00: Everyone!


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The Athens Photo Festival has opened submissions for the 2015 edition, to be held May – July 2015.
For final year students and alumni!

There are three categories for submission: • Main Exhibitions • Screenings • Photobook Show MAIN EXHIBITIONS Deadline: 16 February, 2015 SCREENINGS Deadline: 16 March, 2015 PHOTOBOOK SHOW Deadline: 16 March, 2015

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Juuke Schoorl selected for talent exhibition in Switserland
december 2014

Musee D' Elysée in Lausanne organises an exhibition of international talents for the 3d time: Regerations3. The exhibition will be on from May to August 2015. Juuke was selected from over 300 applicants! Congratulations!

2e Kamer buys work of Merijn Koelink!
december 2014

The art committee of the parlement (2de kamer) has bought 7 large prints of Merijn Koelink who gratuated in June with this particular project! Congratulations!

Marlene Kromhout
Your new coordinator!

From Tuesday November 25 on the department has a new coordinator! Marlene is joining our team and we're looking forward working with her. Soon you'll get a change to meet her. If you already want a glimpse, you can find her 3 days a week in the coordinators room.

Looking for a job?
Huis Marseille is hiring.

see link.

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Fotogasten, Thursday October 30, 20:00-22:00
NFM Rotterdam

Still some free tickets available through Lotte (l.sprengers@kabk.nl). Please sent her an email to sign up. You can attend this evening INSTEAD of Studium Generale.

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Studium Generale: Taco Hidde Bakker Photography’s 'Beautiful Half-Truths'
Thursday, 30 October 2014 16:00 –17:30 h

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Olya Oleinic WINS
Steenbergen Stipendium 2014

Super proud of the 2014 winner! Olya graduated last July in Fiction. Also KABK is pointed out as best of 6 academies when it comes to Photography education. Read below some words of the jury:

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Hunnie finalist Dutch Design Awards
by Henriette Waal (lecturer communication) and Sophie Krier

Vote for Hunnie!

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FOTODOK Lazy Sunday Afternoon // October 19
een mini-conferentie

...met o.a. fotograaf Benoit Aquin, grafisch vormgever Hans Gremmen en fotografe Marie-José Jongerius.

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Lotte Sprengers deputy head Photography

Lotte Sprengers has decided to forgo the offer of the HKU to become course leader Photography. Lotte continues her work as lecturer at the Royal Academy of Art and becomes deputy head of the Photography Department. The department will be reinforced with a new coordinator, who will carry out support activities.

New KABK-baby!

Born on September 29th: RONJA, daughter of Johan Gustavsson. We congratulate them and hope to see some images soon!

Lecture Corinne in Zagreb life streamed
Monday September 30 at 12 am

The lecture pf Corinne at the Academy of Dramatic Arts in Zagreb, part of the Photography Festival, called "Organ Vida 6", will be life streamed, via the following link

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Go Short - International Short Film Festival Nijmegen
is accepting new submissions

The Go Short festival team has started preparing its seventh edition, which will take place in Nijmegen, the Netherlands. Go Short is the only Dutch film festival that screens short films exclusively. For five days around 300 short films are screened in various locations.

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Steenbergen Stipendium // NFM Rotterdam
Award ceremony: Wednesday October 15, 15:30

Vote now for your favourite using the link below:

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Handout at PH4 // Parctical assignment

NRC-Q is a digital publication for the business sector and firms, made for smartphone, tablet and PC. Over 1 million unique visitors per month. NRC-Q is looking for a quirky creator of images for at least three recurring topics. For both fiction and documentary highly suitable. Please read the briefing and sign up at Guus Rijven (g.rijven@kabk.nl). Briefing only in Dutch, please contact Guus if this causes problems!

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NUTSHUIS practical assignment
handout available

Handout at PHft4 // Practical Assignment. Since there'll be a pitch to select participants, contact Mirjam and Guus when you plan to participate.

Practical Assignment with Sanquin
Pitch: october 6

6 portraits + cover for special edition of GUL (Sanquin) Handout now at PHft4 >> Practical Assignment >> "Praktijkopdr_Sanquin" Sign up by emailing Guus: g.rijven@kabk.nl

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IST Keuzeprogramma's
september 2014

All information about programs of the academy outside the department optional programs for IST) are to be found under the link: www.kabk.nl/ist . Please check regularly. Also the programs at the university of Leiden are announced here. Studenten vinden hier alle info over korte (introductie-)cursussen, keuzevakken voor IST voor het hele eerste semester en de nieuwe academiebrede Research Labs. We willen ernaar toe dat studenten deze portal raadplegen en alle info via de portal bekend gemaakt wordt.

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“Carte Blanche PMU 2014”.
The deadline is June 7th

LE BAL and the French company PMU offer again this year a grant of 20,000€ to a young International photographer who would produce a new body of work about the world of games (football, poker, horse races, etc…). This “Carte Blanche” will be exhibited at LE BAL in 2015 and published by the prestigious publisher Filigranes. The deadline is June 7th. You only need to send in an envelope your CV, 2 series and a letter of intention. ast winners include: Malik Nejmi (2010), Mohamed Bourouissa (2011), Olivier Cablat (2012) and Kourtney Roy (2013). Contact name: Emilie Hanmer LE BAL 6 Impasse de la Défense 75018 Paris France 0033171722527 See enclosed the link to the application form:

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Thesis Lab: The artist as researcher as writer as artist

Do you want to follow a more in depth thesis trajectory? Are you looking for inspiration from your fellow students in dealing with the thesis? Then the Thesis Lab is perfect for you!

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1 Bijeenkomst voor 2 IST-opdrachten:
vrijdag 07-02; 09:00 uur

Er zijn twee verzoeken voor een beeldende samenwerking met onze afdeling. Het betreft het maken van portretten, in eerste instantie te gebruiken in een website publicatie. MELD JE NU AAN!

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Programma t Hart voor semester 2 bekend!
IST semester 2

Het programma van t hart bekend! Inspiratie en inzicht krijgen in verbeelding, is fantastisch en leerzaam om te doen aan de hand van een ander medium, in dit geval theater en opera. t Hart weet kortingen te bedingen en soms zelfs vervoer. Met meerdere bezoeken aan voorstellingen van het programma, kun je dit gebruiken. (zie voor meer informatie de marktkraam in de gang.

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RESEARCHLAB Interior Design

Zoals jullie weten gaat de afdeling Interieurarchitectuur en Meubelontwerpen op 5 februari a.s. van start met haar academiebrede (IST) Research Lab How devices define a landscape: The making of a bulb flower landscape o.l.v. Cathelijne Montens en Krijn Christiaansen. De aankondiging staat inmiddels op de portal van de afdeling Interieurarchitectuur en Meubelontwerpen, maar wij zouden het zeer op prijs stellen als jullie bijgevoegde aankondiging ook (gericht) aan jullie studenten willen versturen. Het zou mooi zijn als we bij de startlezing tijdens de open dag (zaterdag 1 februari)om 11.00-11.30 en 14.00-14.30 uur (locatie PC.108)veel geïnteresseerde studenten van alle afdeling mogen ontvangen. De deadline voor aanmeldingen (met motivatiebrief aan r.hompe@kabk.nl) is maandag 3 februari 2014 om 9.00 uur. Als jullie nog aankondigingen hebben voor (jullie) Research Labs of andere KABK-brede activiteiten, stuur ze dan door, dan kunnen we die ook onder onze studenten promoten. Veel dank alvast voor jullie hulp!

Pitch De Donkere Kamer
Deadline January 30

Na een succesvolle lancering van De Donkere Kamer Rotterdam organiseren het Nederlands Fotomuseum, de FotografenFederatie en PhotoQ op woensdag 12 februari een tweede editie. Binnenkort volgt het programma.

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