scriptiebesprekingen Ingrid
inloopspreekuur 22 april

Inloopspreekuur voor kort overleg op dinsdag van 11.30 tot ca. 13.30u. locatie nader te bepalen.

woe. 23 april

HERINNERING: woe. 23 april is de deadline voor de evt. herkansing vd 100% tekstversie.

Rembrant-style portraits of Susan and kids

Please contact Lotte about this, since Susan is searching for the photographers. In February 2014, 3 students of KABK took their picture, she would like to receive the images.

23th of April

Class will be held in BB 203 Starts at 13u00

start work meetings Presentation on April 22th
and info meeting on thursday 24 th

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AV-bespreking 17 april
Ditmaal in EYE, Amsterdam

Doodle je in voor een bespreking van je eindexamen project AV 2e podium. Melden bij de kassa van EYE. (gratis pontje achter CS, richting Buiksloterweg) Opeenvolgend inschrijven! Anna

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FTEC 2F and 2D
next lesson tuesday april 22

As scheduled and earlier announced: . . . . . 2D FTEC lesson from 10:40 till 14:00 . . . . . 2F FTEC practical assignment from 10:40 till 14:00 (do not forget to bring with you: camera, flash, filters flash, laptop, card reader etc. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . PB004 . . . Be there and be in time!

KFB - 2D
April 22 at 9AM

2D: due to Theo's class KFB starts at 9AM. BE IN TIME!

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April 24th

Coach meetings on Thursday are posponed to the April 24th. The coach form can be found on Fvt2 - Beroepsvoorbereiding - bloc 3/4. Download the form, fill it out and return it by mail to e.dosse@kabk.nl BEFORE April 22!

IB Assessment Documentary
Tuesday April 15 from 12.30

I' like too see the following students in PD103, one after the other: Emma Hofsteden Trees Heil Evia Henneman Maya van Wingerden Hanane el Quardani Katharine Farfare Seer you!

AV as 2nd podium for your exam

All students that want to speak to me about their AVproject this thursday 17-4: please mail me if you prefer to meet in EYE Amsterdam to talk about your project and go to the exhibition RE-MAKE to research how you can present moving image in a gallery setting - or if you prefer to meet in The Hague. Most votes count. We'll make the definite decision about where we meet on wednesday afternoon. Check the site! Anna

excursion is off, we'll have a peer feed back session
24-4 AV lesson

Instead of an excursion to EYE we'll talk about the steps you have made in the realisation of your documentary films. Everybody will present his or her best and worst shot, and pose the biggest question on his mind about the film he/she is working on. We'll do an excercise in peer feed back.

How to finish Sociology
(+essay deadline)

Hope you had a good time in Warsaw. i have just sent you my comments on your block 3 reading and writing. Please react and finish ...

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Polish stuff
please see link

please save your images as jpg with the same name for your indesign sketch document to keep memory usage low!. Get the template from the dropbox. Get the Indesign template from the dropbox. Name your indesign docs as [last name_initial] and put it in the dropbox. Succes, Vincent van Baar

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This week I will be busy with the 2nd year, creating a magazine. So there will be no classes BUT please prepare your design for your essay format (A4). In Indesign!! Make a grid, choose fonts, make a print. Vincent van Baar

Affiche project

Get to know Anton Beeke and his work

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FDIGI Sebastiaan Hanekroot
15 April

Don't forget to bring your portfolio and new prints. Also bring the corresponding files so you can make adjustments if needed.

VO starts at 14.00
Monday April 14

VO starts at normal time: 14.00 (not after KFB as announched in previous message of Lotte). We finish at 15.30 so that you'll be in time for the Kick Off.

Fvt4Fictie : Lesson 22 april
Anja & Krista & Ton !

Tuesday 22 april-lesson will have a different set-up : Juni-groep from 9.00-11.30u Anja & Krista will both be present AND Ton van Kints will join us already, so everybody be prepared and in time! (project-title-subtitle-description) After 11.30u Anja & Krista will be present for the 'januari-groep'.

BV Monday April 14

Due to coachmeetings and Kick Off Affiche-project: NO BV!!! KFB will start as usual, VO will follow right after KFB. This enables you to attend the Kick Off at 16:00 >> very important! If you need to meet with Lotte, please contact me via email (l.sprengers@kabk.nl) in order to make an appointment.


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Thesis Lab: The artist as researcher as writer as artist
working on your thesis next year??

Do you want to follow a more in depth thesis trajectory? Are you looking for inspiration from your fellow students in dealing with the thesis? Then the Thesis Lab is perfect for you! See IST Page

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4th blok

DEADLINE NEARLY FINISHED: Sign up for 4th blok IST courses now! Use the link below to find more information on the programs, and to sign up. Singing up can be done until April 2nd, but the sooner the better since places are limited.

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March 25, 14:00 Auditorium

Next Wednesdays Studium Generale will be about the Russian writer Daniil Charms -master of absurdity, of black humor and about his struggle with the frightening daily reality-

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Merel Verspuij met haar project over haar moeder op televisie.
dinsdag 11 maart, Nederland 3, 19.50 tot 20.10 uur

Afgelopen semester heeft Merel Verspuij (Fvt4F) aan een project gewerkt over haar moeder en de angst haar te verliezen. Afgelopen donderdag 6 maart is haar moeder overleden na een lange strijd tegen CLL. Afgelopen weekend kwam Filemon Wesselink bij haar langs en hebben ze opnames gemaakt voor 'De Social Club' over haar moeder en haar fotoproject. Zie link.

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ABC American Book Centre gives discount
FEB. 2014

Studenten en collega's hebben recht op een 10% kassakorting op al onze artikelen. Studenten hoeven enkel een studenten/ collegekaart te laten zien en docenten kunnen zich hier registreren:

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Interview with Corinne Noordenbos
De Correspondent, 15.02.2014

Read the article by Lex Bohlmeijer "Met foto's de tijd overleven" (Dutch only) and listen to the interview with the head of our department, incl. a review of, among others, the work of our student Cleo Wächter!

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Lecture series Stedelijk Museum on Jeff Wall
Monday Feb. 17 &24, March 3 14-17 pm

A special series of lectures is organized for students on the coming exhibition on Jeff Wall. IT WILL BE IN ENGLISH! Take your chance. Only available after sending a mail to Corinne for subscription. Please note that you have to be available for all 3! If so, with a paper it will be a IST project

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FOTOBOEK! Nutshuis
Sunday Feb. 16 12.00-17.30 pm

Sunday 16 February is the date of the second edition of Fotoboek!, a day for professionals and lovers of photo books. In addition to countless photo books (new and second-hand, for swapping, buying or simply browsing), Het Nutshuis, The Hague will also be offering films, interviews, designers, photographers and exhibitions.

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KABK Alumni Christian Kryl and Maurice van Es win prizes
at the Portfolio Review during the Düsseldorf Photo Weekend 2014.


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E*Cinema with Jan Frederik Groot
4 February Eye Amsterdam

On the 4th of February at h 19.15 E*Cinema will focus on Beat Cinema and present works by the film makers Robert Frank, William Burroughs, Antony Balch, James Broughton and Jonas Mekas. At h 21 Shadows by John Cassavetes will be screened as a Double Bill (16 euro for the two programs together). Introduction by Jan Frederik Groot, teacher at the KABK and film maker. Music by Chris Cortens Quartet.

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Martin Parr on Corinne Noordenbos

We love her too!

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Unique opportunity with Jacqueline Hassink for Fvt4
Kickoff Jan. 20th, 10 am, PD101

Dutch-born, New York based, conceptual artist Jacqueline Hassink is giving a workshop for 4th year students. Since 1997 she has produced series of photographs and films dealing with the influence of business on life in society. She has been a guest lecturer at Harvard University and the École d'arts applicqués in Vevey. Most of her projects are published in illustrated book form. Jacqueline's work is collected and exhibited around the globe. In 2013 she was the winner of the Dutch Doc Award 2013 and most recently she has been long listed for Prix Pictet 2013.

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VROAAM op 31 januari
Carriéredag voor fotografen en ontwerpers

Op 31 januari 2014 organiseren de BNO en de FotografenFederatie alweer de zesde editie van VROAAM! in Utrecht. VROAAM! is de jaarlijkse landelijke carrièredag voor ontwerpers en fotografen. Deze dag is uitgegroeid tot een dag waar alle creatieven in Nederland – studenten, starters èn senioren - inspiratie kunnen opdoen, iets kunnen meepikken van de laatste ontwikkelingen in hun vakgebied en uiteraard kunnen netwerken.

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The Uninvited Photographers
Facebook project by Fvt2D

Fvt2D opened a special social media project on Facebook. PLease join the discussion on their page. Starting to 'like' it.

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Wednesday November 27 12.30-17 pm

The road to hell is paved with good intentions The fascination for good and evil is not something modern. Visual artists and writers of all times and cultures dive into the subject of the cause of violence, a world without mischief has until now still seemed to be an utopia. Questions that will be treated: How far do you go in understanding an individual’s crimes? Is there a boundary to comprehension? How is looked upon good and evil from the perspective of religion? What is within reach for you as an individual to be a good human and what does that really mean?

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Mirjam Suiker (fvt2)

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Yara van der Velden (fvt4)

"It's not nothing, it's like nothing."

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Gilleam Trapenberg (fvt2)

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The brilliant trip
Imke Ligthart (fvt4)

04:00 AM Space craft has landed on time Temperature: 5373 ± 9.7 K Occupant nr 03 has entered diamond section 6.1 Time left to explore area: 5:21:32

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Wednesday 9 October 10.30 Auditorium


“If the last century was the century of the Photograph, this century is that of Image- branding, surveillance and sousveillance, geo-positioning, sexting, imagw wars, citizin journalism, happy slapping, selfies, photo-opportunities, medical imaging, augmented realities, videogames, snapchat, and, within it all, photography.”

- Fred Ritchin

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Olya Oleinic (fvt4)

an updated view on common sense

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Barend Fieret

Duizend scherven

Wat als een idool valt? Marco Borsato heeft zo’n 25 miljoen euro verloren bij het faillissement van zijn bedrijf The Entertainment Group en ging zelf bijna failliet. Een jaar na het faillissement komt hij terug met een nieuwe cd: Dromen durven delen. Door de ‘merkbekendheid’ van de naam Borsato en de loyale steun van zijn fans wordt deze cd een een groot succes. Inmiddels is de plaat triple platina en komen er 8 concerten.

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