Survey Tuesday 16 February 2016

See hereunder. Handouts can be found on the downloadpage.

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Arles 2016
Payment - meet the payment deadlines

The total amount for the student trip is € 245,--. You can pay in 2 terms of € 145,-- and € 100,-- (you can also make a one-time payment as long as you meet the first deadline).

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Schedule introduction/admission days block 3
2 March & 23 March

The schedule can be found on the downloadpage under 'Students & Lecturers'.

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Lecture by Bojan Hadzihalilovic (Bosnia)
Friday Feb 19, lunch

Greetings from Sarajevo! Graphic Design & Activism.

Photography Technical Skills/Deen van Meer
Tuesday February 16

Please read chapter 10 of your book 'Light, Science & Magic'.


Monday February 15th during Technical Skill Class the big studio, the "black" and "white" studio are available for PHft 2 D/F to work on the portrait exercise!!! Also room PB 111 could be used for this purpose. The first results will be reviewed monday February 29th. For more details see the exercise PDF 04.


New PDF's 04/05/06 are now available at this portal. These are the images and text of the "3D" theory class and assignment + the portrait exercise.

Room change Image Development today (11 February)
New room: PD.101

Room change PPS class today (11 February)
New room: BB.215

PPS new course times

New course times for PPS. From now on class will be from 11:40-13:20h. CO starts at 14:00h so that you have a break in between.

Workshop Marco de Mutilis: Immersive Experiences.
th. 11 at PD.004 / fr. 12 feb. at PD 101 from 10.00 -17.00


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Tuesday 16 February all workshops closed!

With a view to improve the quality of our workshops, all workshop supervisors will join a study day on Tuesday 16 February. Therefore on that day ALL workshops will be closed. The Central Lending Desk will be open from 9 a.m. till 7 p.m.

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Interesting assignment/contest@Council for Culture
Register before 28 February

More information under 'Commissioned Assignments & IST' on this portal.

PPS // Ellen Dosse
Thursday Feb 11, 13.10 pm PD101

Bring your IST plan. Consultation or questions concerning the collective assessments and your CA form after class.

IM consultation time
Thursday February 11 in PD.004

Book your time slot for consultation regarding Interactive Media with Pawel Pokutycki on Thursday February 11 in PD.004 via DOODLE.

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Image Development
Monday February 15 th

Next Monday, February 15 th

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Signed forms Collective Assessment

If you don't have your signed copy of the Collective Assessment yet, you can find it in the postbox of Marlène Kromhout near the library.

Photography Technical Skills/Deen van Meer
Tuesday February 09

Do not forget to bring Ilford MGD 1M paper (24x30),d paper chemicals and a negative (or more). Also bring 4x5" filmcassettes. (Only the cassettes, no film).

3 SPOTS LEFT: Intro Workshop Immersive Media
Thursday 12 - Friday 13 February, 2016

Immersive media is everywhere. This workshop for part-time students offers an introduction into different applications and techniques that make the contemporary scene of immersive media. THERE ARE 3 SPOTS LEFT FOR FULLTIME STUDENTS. Interested? Please send an email including motivation to [email protected]

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Thesis 3 plans

Please hand in 3 plans no later than Tuesday afternoon. Only if you haven't done so. Next class is Thursday 10.30 (ft.)


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KABK @ Fotoboek! Nutshuis Den Haag
Sunday 14 February 2016 12:00 - 17:30

The KABK will be present with a table full of books by students, alumni and teachers at photobook event Fotoboek! in Nutshuis Den Haag. Fotoboek! is a great day for professionals and enthusiasts of photobooks.

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Prospects & Concepts

Program of the exhibition Prospects & Concepts (Het Mondriaan Fonds) in Rotterdam offers a information meeting for students and alumni of art academies (amongst others information about 'Werkbijdrage Jong Talent' and 'Mentoringtraject'). Apply via: [email protected]

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The Social Media War in Syria
9 February 2016@Humanity House with Issa Touma

How does the Syrian photographer Issa Touma use his art and social media to fight from within Syria against the barbarism that overtook his country? And how has social media in general influenced the reporting on the war in Syria?

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Quickscan NL#02 NFM Rotterdam
MUST GO for all photography students! FREE ENTREE

Five years on from its very successful first edition, the Nederlands Fotomuseum is presenting QUICKSCAN NL#02, an exhibition that puts a finger on the pulse of Dutch photography to give the public a taste of the latest, most exciting trends.

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Are you looking for exposure in Arles?
Call for Proposals EYES ON EUROPE

The EYES ON EUROPE call for proposals is open to professional photographers, art and photography students, or artists of all nationalities.

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GUP Instagram Take Over

For 10 days we take over GUP Instagram to share visuals from the department. check https://www.instagram.com/gupmagazine/

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Lynne Brouwer wins Zilveren Camera

We are very proud of our alumna Lynne Brouwer - graduated in 2015 - winner of the Zilveren Camera 2015 award in the category National Documentary, series. The Zilveren Camera is the Dutch version of the World Press Photo Awards.

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PARADISE / Spui 216a The Hague
Opening expo Friday 8 January 17:00 hrs.

The last couple of months the 3rd year students have been exploring the boundaries of Utopia and Dystopia, with each a very unique result. This will come together in an exclusive intervention considering the theme Paradise.

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Gratuation Congratulations!
7 January 2016

Wouw! Charlotte Steunebrink, Tycho Posthumus, Sanne Glasbergen, Annabel Miedema, Olivier Turpin, Merel Verspuij, Jorien de Waard, Iris van der Zee, Vivian Bax, Ellen Daniels, Barbara de Morree, Zindzi Zwietering have graduated today. We wish them all the best from here on and hope to see much of them!

Huis Marseille, Museum for Photography
Photo Salon, ed. 1; Thursday 28 January 2016, 3pm–5pm

Where photography is celebrated as the dialectic medium of the 21st century. With Dana Lixenberg's Imeprial Courts.

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Lynsey Addario@BorderKitchen (Humanity House)
Monday 8 February / 20:00-21:00 / Humanity House

Rosan Hollak will interview her (in English) about her memoires It's What I Do: A Photographer's Life of Love and War.

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Nina Berman in The Hague
Wednesday 13 January 2016

How can you portray the stories of people in crisis? American documentary photographer Nina Berman offers new photographic approaches to documenting refugees and stories of trauma. From the Za’atari camp for Syrian refugees in northern Jordan (Za’atari: Inside these Walls‘) to the trail of human trafficking in the USA (‘Evidence‘).

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Happy New Year to all students and lecturers
with many dreams, developments and destinations!

Follow The Hague Story Map!
Second-year documentary project

The second year photography students set out to 15 different locations in the Hague in order to explore cultural, political and social meaning through photography.

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FOTODOK book club #4
Thursday 17 December // Start: 20:00

From about November, the words ‘photo books’ become synonymous with year-end lists. Everyone with a link to photo books, from global publishers and established designers to upcoming photographers and unknown bloggers, is keen to tell you about their favourite book of the year.

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VERY INTERESTING ASSIGNMENT: Create a work of art to brighten up the offices of the Council of Cultu
Sign up before 28 February / For students in year 2,3 and 4

Interesting task or challenge to respond quirky to a given space and at the same time to the function or meaning of the Council for Culture.

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Looking for social media editors

For KABK social Media we are looking for different creative editors (video editor, photo editor, audience engagement editor, text editor, inspiration editor). Please sign up by sending an email to Donald Weber [email protected]

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Practical Assignment NIDI - KABK
The FaMiLife project: Families of Migrant Origin

Fourth year students (Documentary & Fiction) who are going to work on their practical assignment: This is a great opportunity, especially if you are interested in the theme of migration. Of course the pitch is open for all Photography students.

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The February Strike
25 February 2016

The February Strike celebrates in 2016 its 75 anniversary with a Memorial program with extra activities, such as meetings in the Balie, theatre performances of STAAKT, and the commemoration / ceremony day itself; this year with the presence of the King.

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Assignment for fashion photographer

For an amazing fashion event, which takes place at the end of January, we are looking for a talented photographer to make photo’s and/or a movie during this event. It a good opportunity to expand your portfolio and gain work experience in fashion in Amsterdam.

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Help to raise money for the brain disease SCA1

When you volunteer to take professional pictures from the kids who are at the kids playgrounds (av. 3 hours work), we hope, together with Ballorig, to raise money for the very rare brain-disease ‘SCA1’.

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Practical Assignment
Coalition for the International Criminal Court

Shooting photos at official events and meetings during the Assembly of States Parties of the Coalition for the International Criminal Court (CICC). You need to available from 18 - 26 November 2015. The Assembly takes place in The Hague. More information on the downloadpage (CICC_2015).

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Alex de Groot Photography needs assistants

I am looking for photo students who would like to assist me on my photography projects. I am looking for photo assistants who also can function as digital techs and looking for students who can work well with photoshop. It will be a great way to learn how it works in the professional world. I will help with any situations that come up while shooting for a client. I am a relaxed and patient photographer to work with. Please feel free to email or call/text me if you are interested and it will be nice to make some extra money. // Alex de Groot (+31-6-23253588)

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Breda Photo 2016
Start October 9 2015

Here’s your chance to participate! As part of the IST program photography students of the 2nd, 3rd and 4th are invited to participate and represent the KABK at Breda Photo 2016. More info on the downloadpage under 'Students'.

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IST assignment: 10 October: Festival of the Future, by De Correspondent
Supervision: Sterre Sprengers, image editor De Correspondent

FUTURE: the day will evolve around 6 themes (economics, energy, media, privacy, etc.) and will be packed with lectures, workshops, theater, discussions. It will all end in a great party in which dancing is compulsory!

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