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Theo 17-4

Program Morning of the Future online
Monday 20th April

On the 20th of April there will be another edition of the Morning of the Future.

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new program
get it, download it, Theo

PHsk new program
get it, download it, Theo

We seriously need to shake things up!
To do for next week!

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Workshop WRAP IT UP by Michl Sommer
Thursday April 23, 11:00-17:00

Unique workshop with famous curator Michl Sommer! Classes of Anna and Pawel from 09:00-11:00. Obligatory for all 2nd year students

Fiction: COMMUNICATION by Henriette Waal
Friday April 17: 09:00-17:00

PD.101 // next day: Friday May 15 (09:00-17:00)

GO eindexamen / graduation
just to confirm: yes, today

thursday 16, 15:30h in PD 102. See you there. Vincent van Baar

Workshop with Simone Engelen
Friday April 17, 09:00-17:00; PD.117

The Hero's Journey: bring your camera, card reader, laptop, energy and enjoy the day.

CO: bring articles for the wallnewspaper
Monday 20th April

Everybody brings articles for the wallnewspaper. As many as you can!

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PPS Professional profile

The checklist for your professional profile is online. You’ll find it next to the other documents on the PPS course description page.

PPS Coach meetings
schedule + coach form online

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Thursday Documentary lessons PHft1
Room BB212

The lessons of the documentary class FVT1 will take place in room BB212. The lessons will be given in this room until the end of the semester.

APhH Seminar / werkgroep
April 15 in PD201

1A starts at 9, 1B at 10.45. Do not be late!

Poster project

For thursday. Please bring at least 3 different developed concept accompanied by sketches on paper. And if you're smart maybe even already photographic sketches :) Also bring inspiration for your poster both from the fields of photography and from graphic design. Dive into the subject of the enemy! Caus: "If you know your enemies and know yourself, you will not be imperiled in a hundred battles... if you do not know your enemies nor yourself, you will be imperiled in every single battle." Sun Tzu

Study progress meetings with Leo
For all part time students.

Today, Tuesday 14 April and next week 21 April you can speak to Leo about your study progress between 18.00 and 19.00 hour. Please fill in the form you can find on the download page and mail it to Leo who can be found in the kantine at that hour.

Photography Technical Skills/Deen van Meer
Tuesday April 14

bring what you did so far for documentary (Raimond Wouda) and fiction mis-en-scene (Simon Wald-Lasowski) to class

4D scriptiebesprekingen met Ingrid
ma.13 & 20 april

Besprekingen 100% tekst, evt. aangevulde conclusie en/of vormgeving. Ik heb in ieder geval een afspraak met Shari, Nick en Esther. Anderen zijn welkom na 14u.

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Intership day
Wednesday April 22, 09:00-17:00

For both 2nd and 3rd year students! More info soon!

Folders Waiting for you at Marlene's office
Image Development - Thijs groot Wassink

I have looked at all your work and will get your results to you this weekend. You can now pick up your folder from the office of Marlene. Sophie, could you still email me your self-assessment so I also have your email address for sending you my assessment? Thanks.


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Rob Hornstra and Lotte Sprengers
appointment joint Heads of Photography

'I’m pleased to announce the appointment of Rob Hornstra (1975) and Lotte Sprengers (1980) as joint Heads of Photography. (...) Working closely with the outstanding team of teaching staff, Lotte and Rob aspire to further enhance the ‘excellent’ status of education in the department.' Below the full announcement of our director Marieke Schoenmakers:

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Zes gesprekken onder leiding van Andrea van Pol

Wat heeft de maatschappij hier nu aan? Met deze vraag worden kunstenaars en wetenschappers steeds vaker geconfronteerd. Kunsten en wetenschappen hebben in de loop van de afgelopen eeuwen een steeds autonomere positie verworven, maar momenteel lijkt er een kentering gaande. Zo krijgen de wetenschappen de opdracht zich meer te richten op maatschappelijk belangwekkende vraagstukken en van de kunsten wordt gevraagd dat zij hun maatschappelijke relevantie aantonen. Tegelijk valt op dat kunsten en wetenschappen steeds vaker samenwerken.

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BANTER; the New magazine on Belfast
This is not a travel guide

The second years made a magazine called: Banter, This is not a travel guide. It contains all the series which where made during the field trip to Belfast. Its about 100 pages and it cost ONLY €15!! If you like to purchase the magazine sent an email with your name, class and the amount of copies you would like to have to; Best regards, Second years photography

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4th year students are proud to present
“Introducing ‘DEAR…’: The Print Factory”

For a sneakpeak of what the end exam students are up to, or to show your support by buying yourself an amazing print: visit our pop up-printsale at Melkweg Expo! Premiering on Friday 17th of April, 18:00. We’ll see you there!

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Good News From Kyiv

See the results of the Field Trip to Kyiv by the part time students now on Facebook. On the page Good News From Kyiv there are 15 one minute multi media productions to be seen.

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SAVE THE DATE: april 24 2015

This day we say fare well to the head of our department Corinne Noordenbos, who, after many years of teaching, will retire in April. We do this by having an interesting symposium on a photography related topic. The day will be open to all students, alumnus and former colleagues of Corinne. Please spread the word and await the invitation! Location: KABK

27/03/2015, 10:00 – 18:00

We are happy to announce the seminar Culture 3.0: Prosuming the Art Academy. Come and join us in the discussion on the digital revolution and its impact on art and design practices. We invited four experts from the field of art criticism and curating, media theory and art and design: Robert Hewison, Bas van Beek, Theo Ploeg and David Jablonowski.

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Impressions from the pop-up exhibition of the 2nd years

Smellable pictures, psychedelic dance in virtual reality, photographs taken with a blink of your eyes, touchable reactive portraits, an app guiding you how to photograph and many other experiments are results of the MEANINGFUL TRANSITIONS assignment for the Interactive Media classes with the 2nd year students, presented in a short, pop-up exhibition last Thursday. Here is a video with a few impressions.

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FOTOBOEK! Nutshuis The Hague
Sunday 15/02

De derde editie van het jaarlijkse evenement Fotoboek! Een dag voor professionals en liefhebbers van het fotoboek. Met naast veel fotoboeken (oud en nieuw, ruil, koop en kijk), ook films, vormgevers, interviews, fotografen en een expositie.

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KABK Researchlab in EYE Amsterdam: Blind Spot
Tuesday, February 17 at 19.15

Students from various departments of the KABK scoured EYE’s film collections looking for films on the forbidden glance. The programme also includes Wild Beaming, an outdoor projection at EYE.

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Me & My Subject: How To Become Engaged In Photography
Masterclass FOTODOK

The masterclass Me & My Subject is a great opportunity to be guided in the development of a documentary project. In five afternoon sessions @ FOTODOK, Space For Documentary Photography in Utrecht, a select group of students and alumni will work towards a pitch of their initiated project for a panel of professionals. More info below, please also contact Lotte (l.sprengers@kabk.nl) if you are interested!

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SALVO EXPO + issue No.5 + Photobook market
Nutshuis Sunday 15/02

In 2012 a new collective was established by proclaiming: 'Salvo makes and shakes photography'. Their intention is to produce three publications each year: Periodical for Photography.

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Rijksstudio Award 2015
Ja- Maart 2015

Dit jaar organiseren wij voor de tweede keer de ontwerpwedstrijd 'Maak je eigen Meesterwerk'. Wij dagen jonge (beginnende) ontwerpers uit om een ontwerp te maken met behulp van Rijksstudio. Iedereen kan meedoen en alle kunstvormen zijn toegestaan, zolang het ontwerp gebaseerd is op onze collectie en gebruik is gemaakt van beeld uit Rijksstudio.

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Jan 2015

The YCN Student Awards for Europe 2014/15 are based around this collection of live creative briefs. If you are studying in Europe, or graduated from a European University, College or Art & Design School within the last 12 months then these briefs are for you. You are welcome to submit work in response to one or more of these briefs. Work submitted in response to these briefs is judged separately by the organisations that wrote them. Find out more about eligibility, deliverables and guidelines for entering here.

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DONALD WEBER, in conversation with ROB HORNSTRA
Friday January 30, 20:00, Utrecht

FOTODOK and Utrechts Centrum voor de Kunsten (UCK) are pleased to announce an evening with Donald Weber. On Friday 30 January, the award-winning photographer will present his latest projects: Barricade and War Sand.

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Paid assignment
Promotional photos Practicum Musicae

Practicum Musicae is a cooperation between Leiden University and the Royal Conservatory which enables university students to take courses in music theory and performance. Students have the opportunity to participate in the Practicum Musicae concert series to practice their performance skills and present their achievements. These concerts take place last Thursday of every month in the Lokhorstkerk in Leiden. In order to keep in touch with its audience and approach new students, Practicum Musicae wants to develop attractive promotional material. Therefore, Practicum Musicae is looking for a photographer who is willing to take pictures during a PM-concert. For more information (e.g. expectations, fee: € 75), please contact Annemarie Kosten-Dür: a.kostenduer@koncon.nl

Korzo / Up & Coming Choreographers / NDT (Dutch Dance Theatre) - 2015
Photo Project for 2 students

The collaboration between choreographers of Up & Coming Choreographers and photography students of the Academy after several editions has become almost a tradition. The participating organizations (NDT, Korzo and Royal Academy) would like to continue this tradition. See briefing in English below.

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Your work in the conference room of Raad van Cultuur?
Meeting Wednesday Feb 4

Wonderful assignment! Sign up by emailing Guus Rijven.

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Handout at PH4 // Parctical assignment

NRC-Q is a digital publication for the business sector and firms, made for smartphone, tablet and PC. Over 1 million unique visitors per month. NRC-Q is looking for a quirky creator of images for at least three recurring topics. For both fiction and documentary highly suitable. Please read the briefing and sign up at Guus Rijven (g.rijven@kabk.nl). Briefing only in Dutch, please contact Guus if this causes problems!

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NUTSHUIS practical assignment
handout available

Handout at PHft4 // Practical Assignment. Since there'll be a pitch to select participants, contact Mirjam and Guus when you plan to participate.

Practical Assignment with Sanquin
Pitch: october 6

6 portraits + cover for special edition of GUL (Sanquin) Handout now at PHft4 >> Practical Assignment >> "Praktijkopdr_Sanquin" Sign up by emailing Guus: g.rijven@kabk.nl

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IST Keuzeprogramma's
september 2014

All information about programs of the academy outside the department optional programs for IST) are to be found under the link: www.kabk.nl/ist . Please check regularly. Also the programs at the university of Leiden are announced here. Studenten vinden hier alle info over korte (introductie-)cursussen, keuzevakken voor IST voor het hele eerste semester en de nieuwe academiebrede Research Labs. We willen ernaar toe dat studenten deze portal raadplegen en alle info via de portal bekend gemaakt wordt.

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“Carte Blanche PMU 2014”.
The deadline is June 7th

LE BAL and the French company PMU offer again this year a grant of 20,000€ to a young International photographer who would produce a new body of work about the world of games (football, poker, horse races, etc…). This “Carte Blanche” will be exhibited at LE BAL in 2015 and published by the prestigious publisher Filigranes. The deadline is June 7th. You only need to send in an envelope your CV, 2 series and a letter of intention. ast winners include: Malik Nejmi (2010), Mohamed Bourouissa (2011), Olivier Cablat (2012) and Kourtney Roy (2013). Contact name: Emilie Hanmer LE BAL 6 Impasse de la Défense 75018 Paris France 0033171722527 See enclosed the link to the application form:

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Thesis Lab: The artist as researcher as writer as artist

Do you want to follow a more in depth thesis trajectory? Are you looking for inspiration from your fellow students in dealing with the thesis? Then the Thesis Lab is perfect for you!

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1 Bijeenkomst voor 2 IST-opdrachten:
vrijdag 07-02; 09:00 uur

Er zijn twee verzoeken voor een beeldende samenwerking met onze afdeling. Het betreft het maken van portretten, in eerste instantie te gebruiken in een website publicatie. MELD JE NU AAN!

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PDF magazine with work of Fvt 2 students (9 MB) >>>


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PDF magazine with work of Fvt 2 students (84 MB) >>>

STORING 2011 >>>
exhibition of Fvt/dt 3 students >>>

Belangrijke zaken
Matthijs Rouw

Alleen tijd voor werk, studie en in de auto zitten

"Je begint aan een toekomst met een goed vooruitzicht. Wanneer je door de crisis je baan verliest kom je er vast wel bovenop, en misschien wel beter dan voorheen. Niet wachten op een baan dichter bij, maar gaan voor zekerheid.

Stilstand is daarnaast achteruitgang en de honger naar persoonlijke ontwikkeling is ook nooit gestild, al is het maar omdat studeren gewoon kan. Het gaat allemaal wel ten koste van wat andere zaken, maar je kunt toch niet alles hebben?"

Drieluik voor de tentoonstelling 'Storing', in de vorm van een groot formaat foto aan de wand, een boek en een videoclip. Ieder platform raakt een aspect van mogelijke gevolgen die kunnen ontstaan wanneer men gewillig aan onze maatschappelijke verwachtingen probeert te voldoen.

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