start workshop film AV December 6
BA 112 13.10 fiction&PT ,17.20 documentary

Hi, I am looking forward to watch the prototypes of the students who already started the workshop and I am also looking forward to meet new students who want to make a short movie as a second podium. You are going to make a one or two minute movie. The expected workload is around 60 hours. :-)Jan Frederik

Civil Society Lab
ICC re-confirmation of the change in schedule

Because of the change in schedule last Saturday, here with a re-confirmation of the changed schedule: Tuesday, the 6th of december: Both the documentary and the fiction group assemble at 00.45 pm in front of the entrance of the ICC. This is because of extra security measures taken by the ICC in occasion of a judicial event on upcoming Tuesday. The Court informed me about this last Friday. My apologies for any inconveniences this might cause for you.

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- awb- This means ‘auto white balance'. Do not use this camera option, switch it off. Choose the most appropriate wb. Work in RAW and you can correct the hole series with one mouse clic.

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Internship meetings
Monday 12 December

Next Monday (12/12) I would like to meet with all the 3rd years students, starting their internship next semester. Room will be announced later on this week. Below you can find a schedule. I'll meet with all of you individually. I would like to conclude your internship contract and progress. If you have found your internship, make sure your contract is complete, apart from the part where I have to sign for approval. Be prepared if you have any questions or other things to bring to the table. See you next week!

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D-Station HM
Tuesday 6th December

Hans will teach from 13.10 - 16.30 in BA013

Printing DIGI

Dear students, It looks like printing on different papers is not working as it should. Please stop with this assignment for now! Read further below:

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3rd Year project Graphic Design
MONDAY 5th: 9:00 room PC 202

bring prints, dummies and text please. For printers, paper and font info see: links @ portal > Fvt 3 > intervention > Vincent van Baar

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1st and 2nd Year PPS
Lotte Sprengers, Monday December 5

PB.111, 09:00-11:30. We'll prepare for the collective assessments!

Check out your IST appointment!!!
Schedules are communicated for upcoming weeks.

The class/group schedule for your IST meeting is known and communicated by your class-representative inclusive time, location and what to bring.

Dissecting Methodologies
different class room

We'll have class in Room PC.202 this coming Monday. Ingrid will be joining us this session.

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- darkroomprinting - To make it easy! On analog photo paper the contrast (gradation/grade) can be determined with filters. The paper-sensitivity for detailed white is equal for all grades 0 through 3,5. (Filters 4 through 5 have half that speed.) Estimate the exposure time for detailed white. Then look at the shadows and choose the appropriate grade-vilter. Summary: analog printing: expose for the whites and filter for the blacks.

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-Ai, film overexposed- What to do?! When your film was a dia (slide) film: bad luck. This film is made for good contrast and has a very short exposure latitude. The negative film, being a half product, has a wider dynamic range. There is plenty room for overexposure. Even 5 F-stops is no problem. Although overexposure results in a high density, Trying to correct the overexposure by under-developing is not a good idea while shorter development results in a lower contrast. Just a normal development results in useful negatives, a bit dens with a normal contrast. Remember: you expose for the density and develop for the contrast. Digital pictures have a wide dynamic range for underexposure and almost no latitude for overexposure.

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-the studio-screens - Use wooden sateh-sticks to attach multiple styropor (piepschuim) reflector-screens to each other.

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Phft2D What’s your story?

DUMMY SWAP: Choose a fellow student. Redo her/his dummy differently, starting from the same images and/or more material he/she provides you with. BOOKSHOP: Bring a photobook you really like to put in our temporary bookshop. Presentation deadline: Thursday December 8 th. Time 13:30 Location: K&H SPACE, Achter de Dom 14, Utrecht.

3rd Year project Graphic Design

Please bring dummies and prints of your images. Determine size, paper stock, paper weight, amount of pages. Write a title. Write or source text. Choose a font. Select a printer and a bookbinder. Create a fabulous publication. Sell it at the show.

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PPS: Project Description
Lotte Sprengers, Monday December 5, 14:30-16:30

Alongside Ton's meeting for your presentation there will be a plenary PPS-class. Location t.b.d.

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PPS classdates

an overview for the upcoming period. Changes had to be made!

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AV exam projects
we will watch your films in the cinema

All AV students: be there this afternoon so we can give a collective feedback on all your projects. Looking forward!

AV DIY lesson
1-12 no trains from amsterdam>DH

I cannot reach you live, because of train troubles, but will give feed back on your film plans by mail. Use the lesson to write/finish your plan (remember: description of who, what, where, when and why; what is the motor/conflict that drives the film forward; schedule in 3 steps of what do I see, what do I hear, what do I feel). Read each others texts in groups of 4 and try to come up with as many images, and sounds that you can to keep the creative process going. Nothing is weird or soft or harsh, or shameful, or boring. Go with the creative flow. Then individually finish the schedule and send it to me TODAY. Anna

OPEN CALL: by Lotte
looking for material (images, video, audio) on collective assessments

Who has some visual/audio on previous collective assessments that can be used in the PPS-program to help first-year students prepare for their first collective assessments. Please send it to [email protected] via Wetransfer or whatever.


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Preview Fotoboek and Fotoboek! – two golden opportunities for photographers looking for advice!  
Sunday 19 February at Het Nutshuis

Are you planning to compile a photo book, have you got one in the pipeline or is your book already on the shelves and you’d appreciate input from other people in the same position? If so, don’t miss these two programmes being put on at Het Nutshuis! On Sunday 19 February, Het Nutshuis is organizing the fifth edition of Fotoboek!, the annual event for photographers and fans of photography featuring a huge photo book market, workshops, a lecture, film show, talk show and speed dates. The speed dates have become so popular that an afternoon has been organised before the great event in February, at which photographers can present their plans in an informal setting: Preview Fotoboek on Saturday 14 January.

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Zilveren Camera 2016- Award for innovative photojournalism
1 December 2016, also open for Alumni of the Photography department

The award for innovative photojournalism rewards photography projects that tell a story with use of innovative forms and techniques and transfer; if necessary, through various (related) media and platforms (book, website, etc.). The project should be completed in 2016. With this award, which is awarded for the sixth time, the board of the Silver Camera wants to encourage and reward innovative narrative forms in photography and in particular within the documentary photography.

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Opening Expo: My name in 100 colophons
Saturday 10 December, 15:00-17:00 hrs at LhGWR

For more than a decade Vincent van Baar has been tutoring 'graphic design' at the kabk Photography Department, resulting in a stream of student publications. As of December 10th 2016, LhGWR’s project space will contain all 150+ items of his collection. Meanwhile KABK students will start to produce flip films of the books - on the spot. These will be published on the kabk website in the very near future.

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Opening Expo: Royal Academy Of Art, The Hague – The Flipside
Thursday 15 December 2016, 17:30 hrs at Het Nutshuis

The Flipside is a group exhibition by three graduating students, Annija Muižule, Muriel Schouten and Katarina Gališinová, of The Royal Academy of Art, The Hague. In collaboration with and under the guidance of Het Nutshuis they have each developed an individual project. Their plans were selected from fifteen ideas submitted by students graduating in the current school year.

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More work needed
Hands Off Our Revolution

A big thank you to students who already participated and have submitted work to Adam Broomberg for Hands Off Our Revolution. More work from more students is needed. Read further.

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STUDIUM GENERALE- David Bernstein and Audrey Cottin
Thursday 1 December, 16:00-7:30 hrs auditorium

Time for a change! This week we are not presenting a lecturer but we introduce performance art. By a film shown in the Auditorium, a performance by Audrey Cottin in the hallway and a performance by David Bernstein! The students need to make sure they visits them all to receive the stamps they need to fill their cards.

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The Day of Winning & Selling
Learn all about what it takes to enter the professional world!

The Day of Winning and Selling is a special workshop day designed for fourth year students to learn what it takes to begin selling your pictures - and winning the grants and competitions that can help make those pictures.

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Now! Lunch lecture by Bradley McCallum
Mon 21 Nov- in auditorium start s12:30 hrs

Go grab yourself some lunch and take a seat in the auditorium.

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STUDIUM GENERALE- by Tinkebell (Katinka Simonse).
Thursday 24 November 2016, 16:00-17:30 hrs Auditorium

Previous lectures had some activistic notes, like Charl Landvreugd and Daria Bukvic, to stay for one more lecture in this tone we invited Tinkebell (Katinka Simonse). Katinka Simonse (Goes, 1979), also known as Tinkebell, is a Dutch artist who engages with issues around our morals and the way society is developing. She graduated at the design department of the Sandberg Institute, Amsterdam in 2005.​ Coming lecture she will talk about her new publication, about the Greek city Idomeni, where many Syrian refugees are located. Named, Waarschuwing: de schrijver van dit boek is kunstenaar – Tinkebell (Warning: this book is written by an artist – Tinkebell).

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TV Recordings 'De Rijdende Rechter'
Friday 18 November, 15:30-16:30 hrs Big Studio

Tomorrow KRO/NCRV will be at the KABK recording an episode for the Dutch television program ' De Rijdende Rechter'. They chose this location because the episode will be about copyright of photos. You are all welcome to join as an audience. The tv recordings will start at 15:30 hrs in the big studio.

Listen to Peek podcast
An awkward but pleasant listening experience made by Nathan Doorduin and Daniël Siegersma.

In the first episode we peek into what it means to begin. How do we take those first steps to start a new adventure?

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Studium Generale
Thursday 17 November, 16:00-17:30 hrs Auditorium

Recommended for everyone, especially all STRAY DOGS (compulsory for second years). This time Studium Generale consist of a interview led by Wieke ten Cate. She will interview theater colleague Daria Bukvić. Daria Bukvić’s (Tuzla, 1989), her mother is a Bosnian Muslim woman and her father a Catholic Croat. Because of the outbreak of the Yugoslav civil war Daria fled with her mother to the Netherlands in 1992. They have spent two years in a refugee centre before they got a permanent residency. Bukvić grew up in a village in Limburg, where she soon discovered her love for the theatre.

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Submission: deadline is December 1, 2016

Gathering an international jury, renewed on a yearly basis, the festival offers a unique platform to young talents for promoting their work and getting an international audience as well as a great support, notably through an award granted of 15000 euros, portfolio reviews and exhibitions.

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STUDIUM GENERALE 10 November, Jan Hoek
Thursday 10 November, 16:00-17:30 hrs Auditorium

Thursday 10 November we have a change of plans, Jan Rosseel unfortunately can’t make it to the coming lecture. We will try to reschedule Jan Rosseel in next semester. But we found a pretty good replacement, their first names are the same and they both use photography.

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INVITATION- Public Defense Hans Scholten
Friday November 11, 15.00 hrs Galerie KABK

You are cordially invited to the public defense by visual artist Hans Scholten of the research project entitled THE URBAN FUTURE - PROJECT, to obtain his doctoral degree. The public defense takes place in two stages. On Friday 11 November 2016 at 15.00 Scholten will elucidate the artistic work in the exhibition URBAN FUTURE #11. The exhibition, held at the Gallery of the Royal Academy of Art The Hague, presents a selection of artworks that Scholten made within the framework of his PhD research. On Wednesday 16 November 2016 at 15.00 Scholten will defend his dissertation entitled THE URBAN FUTURE - PROJECT at the Large Auditorium of Leiden University.

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Wanted: filmer for Nerd Nite Amsterdam
Friday February 03 2017, 20:00- 23:00 hrs

Nerd Nite is looking for a filmer for their event on Friday February 3 in Crea Amsterdam.

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What is entrepreneurship? Assigment magazine Forum.
IST (2nd,3rd, and 4th year students)

VNO-NCW is an association that represents the interests of entrepreneurs. Indirectly, there are 30,000 member companies. The newsmagazine Forum provides background information on current events, where entrepreneurs, politicians and policy makers have their say. There are 40 editions per year: ten thirty in print and as a tablet magazine. Forum is also looking at connecting future entrepreneurs with a contemporary vision and associated imagery. Herein lies the question and the challenge of this assignment. The visual signature of photography in the magazine is no guideline for this taks. He is free and with the idea of the student of both fiction and documentary. Six students will be allowed to propagate and publish their views on entrepreneurship in six consecutive editions. It is precisely the diversity through six different perspectives Forum wants to challenge well-known visual traditions. Subscribe to the pitch. Copies of the Forum print edition are available for inspection at the desk of the kabk library. Read the accompanying text on the assignment of the client.

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Annual Practical Assignment Nutshuis
4th year students

The Nutshuis is oriented at developments in urban culture and society. It deals with documentaries (films), discussions and debates, experimental live art and documentary photography (in a very broad sense). An annual practical assignment connects this the Hague based institution with the Royal Academy. This year's theme/working title is: behind the scenes and the exhibition of the work is scheduled for December. The building of the Nutshuis attracts a large and diverse audience.

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Filmhuis Den Haag is looking for an enthusiastic photography student

That is available - on a flexible basis, on demand - in 2016 for the visualization of filmprograms in Filmhuis Den Haag. The aim is to explore the many facets of Filmhuis Den Haag - watch and create film, education, food and drinks - and capture the diversity of our visitors. These images are used for promotion via the website, online and offline campaigns, leaflets and social media. This means that you as a photographer will be present at various events and festivals (this can be both day and night, weekdays and weekends). Are you enthusiastic, creative and flexible? Send an email with a short CV to Josien Buijs, head of marketing,

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Practical Assignment NDT - Korzo - KABK
Up & Coming Choreographers 2016

Third and fourth year students who are going to work on their practical assignment, this is a great opportunity, especially if you are interested in dance.

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VERY INTERESTING ASSIGNMENT: Create a work of art to brighten up the offices of the Council of Cultu
Sign up before 28 February / For students in year 2,3 and 4

Interesting task or challenge to respond quirky to a given space and at the same time to the function or meaning of the Council for Culture.

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Looking for social media editors

For KABK social Media we are looking for different creative editors (video editor, photo editor, audience engagement editor, text editor, inspiration editor). Please sign up by sending an email to Donald Weber [email protected]

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Practical Assignment NIDI - KABK
The FaMiLife project: Families of Migrant Origin

Fourth year students (Documentary & Fiction) who are going to work on their practical assignment: This is a great opportunity, especially if you are interested in the theme of migration. Of course the pitch is open for all Photography students.

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The February Strike
25 February 2016

The February Strike celebrates in 2016 its 75 anniversary with a Memorial program with extra activities, such as meetings in the Balie, theatre performances of STAAKT, and the commemoration / ceremony day itself; this year with the presence of the King.

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Assignment for fashion photographer

For an amazing fashion event, which takes place at the end of January, we are looking for a talented photographer to make photo’s and/or a movie during this event. It a good opportunity to expand your portfolio and gain work experience in fashion in Amsterdam.

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