BredaPhoto Submission Requirements

From Reinout, here are the requirements for your presentations for BredaPhoto, due April 4: BredaPhoto presents all the images one after the other in a presentation. That is why we would like to submit individual images. Images number in order of the presentation. In the case of a slideshow, a powerpoint or keynote can also be provided, or a Word file with the order of the images indicated. Give your name and the title of the project. The presentations during the pitch last up to 5 minutes. Write images and video according to the following specifications: Photo Not more than 30 images Deliver images separately, numbered in order. Format JPG (quality 10) Colour Profile: sRGB HD resolution: 1920 x 1080 pixels Video File type MP4 Codec H. 264 HD resolution: 1920 x 1080 pixels Bit rate up to 10 Mbps SEND TO: [email protected]

Image Development Photography
Classes split in two

Please see below for the groups you are in. See you tomorrow!

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Technical skills class feb 19th
clean up your mess!

Like discussed the next technical skill class February 19th you can use to work on the studio portrait exercise. Unfortunately last Monday most of the studios were left in a bad state. Please leave the studios as clean as possible. We have only a small amount of background paper available so keep them clean too for other students to use.

Class monday

Please sent us your concepts by email, on the latest this sunday. And please bring printed photos for your series to class. (laserprints are fine). Looking forward to your progress. Furthermore bring any prints you want feedback on, and post-processing techniques you are struggling with.

Graduation Project Documentary
Prepare for class nr 4, 20-02 2018

Make a small digital, visual presentation of your three explored visual strategies. It can be as simpel as images from your sketchbook. Select approximately five images per strategy. We need to be able to project the presentations in class.

Graphic Design
Check Asimut for different times of lessons

Because of the missed lesson yesterday I'll start the lessons on the 21st of February and the 21st and 28th of March with the B group at 11 and will go on till 16.10 with the A group.

Revised PPSSS/Inspiration Schedule
Here's the next three

Of course this is fluid, but we will follow this for the next few weeks up to the field trip.

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Reminder: Definitions Platforms + Time Path.
Thursday Feb 15_11:00 till 12:30_PB.111

Image and text info about the last part of the exam year. See you Ton

Thesis meetings with Ingrid
Thu 15 & 22, revised schedule

Thu 15 and 22 are the last meetings for ft before the deadline of March 5 (100% text). See schedule below.

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Civil Society Lab
text for meeting on 6 March

Topic of the next meeting is beauty and sublimity. In class, we will discuss passages from Edmund Burke's Philosophical Enquiry into the Sublime and Beautiful. To prepare the class, read (a part of) the pages 59 to 71 and 91 to 101. In case you want to read more, I have uploaded a scan of the whole book on the webpage of Civil Society Lab.

Graphic Design
No class tomorrow

Please note: there will be no Graphic Design class tomorrow because Anke van Haarlem is ill. You'll hear as soon as possible how and when we'll catch up for the missed class.

Civil Society Lab
text for next Tuesday

Next week we are going to read passages from Edmund Burke's enquiry into the sublime and beautiful. The text is avaible on the page of Civil Society Lab. To prepare next meeting, read (a part of) the pages 59 to 71. The topic of the meeting will be sublimity.

Figuring out the system...

Hello - for those of you who were selected for the BredaPhoto next round (15 of you), we are still finalizing if/how a coach will be involved to help you with your projects. In the meantime, some key dates to consider: April 4: Final Delivery to Breda. This is your deadline. I (Don) have asked specific requirements from Breda, back to you soon. April 20: 5 elected KABK students (from the 15) will be chosen to go to Brussels and pitch your works to an academic-wide audience (9 academies across Europe). The three phases all involve IST points. I hope you're all working hard on this project?

APhH - Reminder
wed. feb.14, 9 - c.11.15h

Reminder: documentary & lecture on Caravaggio from 9 until ca.11.15 in BB215

Stuff from PD.101 moved to corridor

Storage in PD.101 is not allowed. Also not for one night. Please store stuff in your lockers or in the basement.

PPS March 5 th

Work on the refinement of your mind map as discussed. Who are you/promotion/finances/long and short term. Make it more precise. Deadline friday Maech 2th. 9 am. Rob and I expect a pitch of every campaign group in class.

PPS Cancelled

Cannot make the class so keep working on your group projects; be prepared to present next week.

PPS: class in BB.105
Monday Feb 12; 13:10-16:30

Jenny awaits you all!

PPS: regular class with Lotte
Monday 12 Feb, 09:00-11:30, BB.105

Workshop program will start later this semester, so meet Lotte for a regular PPS-class. Bring your notebook, we start at 9 a.m. sharp.

Reminder: your IST meeting for sem. 2
Mon.12, Tues.13, Thurs.,15 Feb.

The schedules for upcoming semester + info what to prepare and bring along are shared by your class representatives. So do not forget to check your individual time to meet me, IST coach Anja de Jong.


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Whats on at the Academy this week

click 'read more' for overview

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STUDIUM GENERALE by Wilco Tuinebreijer
Thursday, 15 February 2018, 16:00-17:30 Auditorium

After the succes with Hans Aarsman from last week and on Friday the collaboration with the Master Artistic Research, it's time for the lecture of upcoming Thursday!

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The PHmuseum Grant is
Submission Deadline: 21 February, 2018

The PHmuseum Grant is an annual initiative that recognises the importance of photography and visual storytelling.

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FOTODOK's BOOKCLUB #13 Thursday Februari 1, 19:30-21:30
UTRECHT; new location: TIVOLI/VREDENBURG (close to trainstation)

Come join! We can have a discount price of €5 for entrée. Please sign up and pay with Linda before Thursday 25th 16:00! Only after payment your seat is reserved. All 1st years who missed edition #12, are bound to this one!

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4th year students: Pitch je Fotoproject DE DONKERE KAMER ROTTERDAM #14
Woensdag 21 Februari - Donkere kamer Rotterdam

Op woensdagavond 21 februari vindt de veertiende editie van de talkshow De Donkere Kamer Rotterdam plaats. In De Donkere Kamer Rotterdam staat de fotografie van nu centraal. De avond bestaat uit korte interviews en actuele discussies over fotografie en er is aandacht voor interessante evenementen en tentoonstellingen.

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Eddo Hartmann Goes to North Korea
EYE Amsterdam, Tuesday January 23 at 19.15

Photographer Eddo Hartmann presents the North Korean capital as a backdrop, its residents as extra's. Followed by the screening of Comrade Kim Goes Flying, an unstoppably cheerful romantic comedy made in North Korea.

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Opening Expo: New Year New Me
19TH-20TH JANUARY FROM 18:00-18:00

New Year New Me is an experience formed by Malou Bumbum (DK), Linnéa Gerrits (NL), and Sydney Rahimtoola (US). The three joined forces together to create a 24 hour marathon. 

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It’s here, the long-awaited CROWDFUNDING CAMPAIGN!!! "Good Work" is coming, but it doesn’t come cheap. Which is why we need your help!

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Printing Times Workshop(s)
January 2018

Please check the opening hours- so you can do your printing in time before your collectives.

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Opening EXPO by 4th Year students at Humanity House and Nutshuis
Today 17:00 At Humanity House and at 18:00 at Nutshuis

Today, eight of our graduating students are showing their work in a collaborative opening night of two exhibitions.

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Vacancy: assistant of Michael Wolf
Exiting job, only for the real good planners

Tuesday January 9th and Thursday January 18th (possibly including the weekend), location The Hague Fotomuseum.

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NOUN- presents: Dance classes

Tuesday, 12th of December, Auditorium from 19 till 21 we make you sweat and workout like you have never done before.

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Zilveren Camera 2017
Submit before 3 January 2018

Participate in the ‘Zilveren Camera 2017’! The photo contest is now open for entries. You can submit your best work in 9 categories, single pictures or series. This year we have a new price for storytelling. Everything is possible from pinhole to multimedia projects.

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Photography Lunch Lecture: Simon Roberts
Thursday December 14, 12:20-13:10, auditorium

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Part-Time Skills Workshops
Mondays 09:00-12:20

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IMC Weekendschool

IMC Weekend School is a supplementary school for children (aged 10-14) who are eager and curious to learn about the different professions. For three years the students go to school for one extra day in the week. Every Sunday the students are introduced to a wide range of topics, including journalism, medicine, law, but also training in presentation, research, debate and conflict resolution. These classes are taught by professionals (volunteers) who have a passion for their profession. It is an education focused on developing an all-round character.

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Wanted: filmer for Nerd Nite Amsterdam
Friday February 03 2017, 20:00- 23:00 hrs

Nerd Nite is looking for a filmer for their event on Friday February 3 in Crea Amsterdam.

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What is entrepreneurship? Assigment magazine Forum.
IST (2nd,3rd, and 4th year students)

VNO-NCW is an association that represents the interests of entrepreneurs. Indirectly, there are 30,000 member companies. The newsmagazine Forum provides background information on current events, where entrepreneurs, politicians and policy makers have their say. There are 40 editions per year: ten thirty in print and as a tablet magazine. Forum is also looking at connecting future entrepreneurs with a contemporary vision and associated imagery. Herein lies the question and the challenge of this assignment. The visual signature of photography in the magazine is no guideline for this taks. He is free and with the idea of the student of both fiction and documentary. Six students will be allowed to propagate and publish their views on entrepreneurship in six consecutive editions. It is precisely the diversity through six different perspectives Forum wants to challenge well-known visual traditions. Subscribe to the pitch. Copies of the Forum print edition are available for inspection at the desk of the kabk library. Read the accompanying text on the assignment of the client.

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Annual Practical Assignment Nutshuis
4th year students

The Nutshuis is oriented at developments in urban culture and society. It deals with documentaries (films), discussions and debates, experimental live art and documentary photography (in a very broad sense). An annual practical assignment connects this the Hague based institution with the Royal Academy. This year's theme/working title is: behind the scenes and the exhibition of the work is scheduled for December. The building of the Nutshuis attracts a large and diverse audience.

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Filmhuis Den Haag is looking for an enthusiastic photography student

That is available - on a flexible basis, on demand - in 2016 for the visualization of filmprograms in Filmhuis Den Haag. The aim is to explore the many facets of Filmhuis Den Haag - watch and create film, education, food and drinks - and capture the diversity of our visitors. These images are used for promotion via the website, online and offline campaigns, leaflets and social media. This means that you as a photographer will be present at various events and festivals (this can be both day and night, weekdays and weekends). Are you enthusiastic, creative and flexible? Send an email with a short CV to Josien Buijs, head of marketing,

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Practical Assignment NDT - Korzo - KABK
Up & Coming Choreographers 2016

Third and fourth year students who are going to work on their practical assignment, this is a great opportunity, especially if you are interested in dance.

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VERY INTERESTING ASSIGNMENT: Create a work of art to brighten up the offices of the Council of Cultu
Sign up before 28 February / For students in year 2,3 and 4

Interesting task or challenge to respond quirky to a given space and at the same time to the function or meaning of the Council for Culture.

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Looking for social media editors

For KABK social Media we are looking for different creative editors (video editor, photo editor, audience engagement editor, text editor, inspiration editor). Please sign up by sending an email to Donald Weber [email protected]

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Practical Assignment NIDI - KABK
The FaMiLife project: Families of Migrant Origin

Fourth year students (Documentary & Fiction) who are going to work on their practical assignment: This is a great opportunity, especially if you are interested in the theme of migration. Of course the pitch is open for all Photography students.

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The February Strike
25 February 2016

The February Strike celebrates in 2016 its 75 anniversary with a Memorial program with extra activities, such as meetings in the Balie, theatre performances of STAAKT, and the commemoration / ceremony day itself; this year with the presence of the King.

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PDF magazine with work of Fvt 2 students (9 MB) >>>


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PDF magazine with work of Fvt 2 students (84 MB) >>>

STORING 2011 >>>
exhibition of Fvt/dt 3 students >>>

Belangrijke zaken
Matthijs Rouw

Alleen tijd voor werk, studie en in de auto zitten

"Je begint aan een toekomst met een goed vooruitzicht. Wanneer je door de crisis je baan verliest kom je er vast wel bovenop, en misschien wel beter dan voorheen. Niet wachten op een baan dichter bij, maar gaan voor zekerheid.

Stilstand is daarnaast achteruitgang en de honger naar persoonlijke ontwikkeling is ook nooit gestild, al is het maar omdat studeren gewoon kan. Het gaat allemaal wel ten koste van wat andere zaken, maar je kunt toch niet alles hebben?"

Drieluik voor de tentoonstelling 'Storing', in de vorm van een groot formaat foto aan de wand, een boek en een videoclip. Ieder platform raakt een aspect van mogelijke gevolgen die kunnen ontstaan wanneer men gewillig aan onze maatschappelijke verwachtingen probeert te voldoen.

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