Fiction & Society
Adam & Oliver // Feb 21 2017

Assignment #3 is published! Look it up: PH2_F&S_1617_170221_ASSIGNMENT_3_AB.pdf

Technical Skill PDF 15 and 16

Please check out the PDF 15 for the illustrations used at the last Technical Skill Class. PDF 16 is the new exercise for this block. You can use the class just after the spring break March 6th to work on it. The deadline for presentation is March 13th.

Bratislava Promo Videos Schedule
Reminder: WEDNESDAY for video shoot

The schedule for the Bratislava field trip promos will be posted in your FB group and taped to the door of the office. Follow it and SHOW UP. First time: Suzette at 11am, followed by Hein at 11:03am.

Consultation Thesis with Ingrid
Feb. 23, 9-12h, for all students

You can either take a chance and just drop by in PD 103, or you can notify me by mail that you would like to make an appointment. Meeting is not mandatory but a last chance to talk about your progress before the deadline of March 9.

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Documentary Photography
Tuesday Feb. 21

Lesson starts at 16.00.

APhH pt 1 and 2 class Tuesday 21/2
I'm back

See you Tuesday!

Lecture Pakhuis de Zwijger
How to deal with assumption of racial superiority

For everyone interested in ethics, ideology, racism, check out this lecture in Pakhuis de Zwijger. Unfortunately in Dutch...

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URGENT!! 2 Students have reacted
This Sunday, book market Nutshuis

Hilda and Cory, thank you for helping out. We still need 2 students (can be more); 1 from 11:30 till 14:30 and 1 from 14:30 till 17:30h. There are lectures to visit, once you are in. Please send me mail. [email protected] IST points? Yes. Ask Linda.

PPS in room BB.105
Monday, February 20, 2017

Be on time, we have a guest lecturer.

Digi Februari 20th

For Fulltime, don't forget to bring at least one good print this monday. This may or may not be part of the overall assignment for this block. For Parttime, don't forget to sign up if you want feedback this monday. By sending me an email.

PD.103 Organize/ Clean up
Today: Thursday 16 February 2017

Today we will (re)-organize and clean up room PD.103. There is still stuff that is left from the Open Day. If you would like to keep these things please come by PD.103 and collect what's yours.

REMINDER: to fill out the Course Evaluations

All students received a digital link on their KABK account to fill out the course evaluations. Make sure to fill out these evaluations asap!

Thesis meeting Fiction Saskia
Thursday 16-02

We will discuss your progress in small groups. See schedule. Deadline 100% text is March 9. Please make an English summary as well, for English teachers, as attachment to your 100% thesis.

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Portrait Exercise
Deadline Monday februari 20th

The deadline of the first technical skill exercise is approaching. You have to present all your A3 prints at the big studio. please finish up all the 8 versions described in PDF 14. Presentations on a laptop are not accepted.

Technical Skill
Additional Task

The students who failed the technical skills course in the first semester are invited to download the "Additional Task" from this portal. Please read the PDF with care. The deadline of this task will be discussed.

GD (Graphic Design)
PD 111

11:00-12:00 1B 12:30-14:00 1A + 1B BOTH CLASSES!! 14:00-15:00 1A

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Fiction & Society
Feb 15, 2017

New assignment (PH2_F&S_1617_170215_ASSIGNMENT 2_AB) is now published in our tab, deadline Tuesday Feb 21.

Fab Fail Publications

A Great Opportunity! Enter your publication about a Fabulous Failure, and have it showcased and reviewed by top jury’s:

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Dates to fill you calendar in semester 2

Please confirm your presence on Internship Day / April 12, as we try to set up an interesting day that needs some preparations. Confirmation by email to Stije and Lotte.

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Tue Feb 14

Today we will do individual tutorials by Skype. Please check below to see the time of your tutorial and be on line ready to chat with me at this time. I would like to hear about your first assignment and hear your presentation of this work. (Skype name: ochanarin) Please email me any related images to this address: [email protected] And add to your dropbox. Thank you!!! Oliver

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Opening Expo: 'Twee' by Piet Dieleman and Ton van Kints
Sunday 26 February 2017, 15:00 hrs at Melklokaal

click 'read more' for information

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PITCH De National Opera

De Nationale Opera, heeft een pitch uitgeschreven welke interessant kan zijn voor onze studenten. Zij zijn op zoek naar online creatives die d.m.v. een film, animatie, game, podcastserie of een ander medium de schoonheid van opera kunnen delen.

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Tuesday 07 March 2017, 15.00-17.00 hrs at Auditorium

Broaden your horizons even more with Erasmus+ ´ Practical information ´ Talks from students who went abroad ´ Consultation about procedures

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The Nutshuis: FOTOBOEK!
Sunday February 19: 12:00-17:30

Fotoboek! is a great day for professionals and enthusiasts of photobooks. In addition to photobooks (new and second-hand, for swapping, selling or simply browsing), the programme also features films and documentaries, interviews led by Eefje Blankevoort, a lecture about that one special book and much, much more. See how a fervent collector goes about finding new photobooks. And if you are seriously planning to start your own collection, sign up for a speed-date session with our four experts.

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Radio 1: interview with Rob Hornstra
Monday Febuary 13

For all Dutchies: about skating, icons and (of course) photography!

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Thursday, 16 February 2017, 16:00-17:30 hrs at Auditorium

Coming Thursday will Auke Kok be our guest. He is a writer and journalist and wrote the book, *1935, Wij gingen naar Berlijn (*1935, We went to Berlin). In the lecture „What would you have done?” Auke Kok will elaborate on our theme. The book *1935, Wij gingen naar Berlijn (*1935, We went to Berlin) shines a light on the experiences of Dutch atletes and their coaches, who in 1936 – aware or non aware – were part of the propaganda machine from Adolf Hitler and Joseph Goebbels.

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4th Vienna PhotoBook Review OPEN CALL
Apply now until April 17, 2017

The Review Publishers, gallery owners, curators, critics and collectors representing small, mid-sized, and major venues from all over Europe, will gather in Vienna to review unpublished photo books. 30 photographers will be selected to show their photobook dummies to 15 national and international reviewers. Our goal is to offer talented photographers from around the world a forum to discuss their books with a wide range of photography experts, thereby producing a lively dialogue between the aspiring artists and the experts from various prestigious institutions. Photographers will have one-on-one meetings with the reviewers. Each review session will last 20 minutes and we will limit the number of participants to assure that everyone receives six reviews each. It is a great way to network. Numerous photographers have walked away with opportunities to publish, exhibit and sell their work after attending such reviews.

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FOTODOK: Instagram Project ‘(Re)Inventing Nature’.
Deadline 17th of February 2017

FOTODOK is looking for young photographers who want to be given a platform in our Instagram project during our new exhibition ‘(Re)Inventing Nature’. Participating in this project is possible by sending in work within the theme ‘the changing relation between humans, nature and technology’.

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FOTODOK: Instagram Project ‘(Re)Inventing Nature’.
Deadline 17th of February 2017

FOTODOK is looking for young photographers who want to be given a platform in our Instagram project during our new exhibition ‘(Re)Inventing Nature’. Participating in this project is possible by sending in work within the theme ‘the changing relation between humans, nature and technology’.

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EXPO: DUSK by Annaleen Louwes
Sunday 12 February at 15:30 hrs

Volkskrant reviewer and art historian/ writer, Merel Bem, will be looking at Annaleen her work. click 'read more' for information

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Deadline 10 April 2017

The Fotobookfestival Kassel together with its cooperation partner Verlag Kettler again invites all photographers to present their as-yet unpublished* photobooks to an international public and eminent experts. In 2017 the best 50 books will be shortlisted by a shortlist-jury and will be exhibited at international photo events, amongst others, in Istanbul, Moscow, Madrid, Dublin, Aarhus and Lodz. From these 50 titles, 3 winners will be chosen by an international jury at the ISTANBUL PHOTOBOOK FESTIVAL on 29 April. The winner of the First Prize will be produced and published by our cooperation partner Verlag Kettler, Germany. Second and Third Prize is a book production voucher given by our partner k-books, who specializes in high-quality book productions in small quantities. The members of our international main jury in Istanbul are: Federica Chiocchetti (Photocaptionist.com), Martin Parr (Bristol), Jason Fulford (J+L Books, ), Aron Mörel (Mörel Books, London), Markus Schaden (The PhotobookMuseum, Cologne), Verlag Kettler (N.N., Dortmund) and Dieter Neubert (Kasseler Fotobookfestival, Kassel).

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Invitation: Tour 'The Flipside'
Thursday 26 January 2017, 19:30 hrs

Our fourth year students Annija Muižule, Muriel Schouten and Katarina Gališinová that are currently exhibiting their latest projects at The Nutshuis will give a tour through their group exhibition this Thursday evening. 'The Flipside' was listed by Jonathan Looman and Maurice van Es as one of the We Are Public events. Please see link below for more information: i

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Opening Expo: Jozef Wright
Sunday 22 January 2017

The exposition will be for a month so anyone who won't be able to make it to the opening night can always check the exhibition out later! read more: for Invitation

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-NEW-IST courses for Bachelor students - Lectorate Art Theory & Practice
IST Market on 1 February 2017 to learn more about these courses!

The lectorate Art Theory & Practice organises the Art Research Programme for motivated and talented Bachelor students. The Art Research Programme consists of a series of courses, to which students can apply by submitting a letter of motivation. The courses vary widely in thematic focus, but they all share an emphasis on research in relation to art practice. Moreover, all courses in the Art Research Programme are interdisciplinary and not connected to one specific department of the academy. Generally, the courses are taught by PhDArts doctoral candidates and sometimes guest teachers are invited. Also, some courses organised by the Academy of Creative and Performing Arts (ACPA) of Leiden University are open to Bachelor students of the Royal Academy of Art through the Art Research Programme. All courses can be taken within the framework of the Individual Study Track (IST), in consultation with the IST coach (Anja de Jong ([email protected]).

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Tomorrow: 12 January 2017, 17:00 Korte Vijverberg 2, Den Haag

We live in an Age of Failure. Let's face it. Not only are our political leaders increasingly incompetent, we have also become lonelier and lonelier while relatively participating in the progressive destruction of our own planet.  But moments of darkness and accident can also offer life changing opportunities. Take for example some of the greatest scientific and artistic discoveries in history; They were made by accident!

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Wanted: filmer for Nerd Nite Amsterdam
Friday February 03 2017, 20:00- 23:00 hrs

Nerd Nite is looking for a filmer for their event on Friday February 3 in Crea Amsterdam.

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What is entrepreneurship? Assigment magazine Forum.
IST (2nd,3rd, and 4th year students)

VNO-NCW is an association that represents the interests of entrepreneurs. Indirectly, there are 30,000 member companies. The newsmagazine Forum provides background information on current events, where entrepreneurs, politicians and policy makers have their say. There are 40 editions per year: ten thirty in print and as a tablet magazine. Forum is also looking at connecting future entrepreneurs with a contemporary vision and associated imagery. Herein lies the question and the challenge of this assignment. The visual signature of photography in the magazine is no guideline for this taks. He is free and with the idea of the student of both fiction and documentary. Six students will be allowed to propagate and publish their views on entrepreneurship in six consecutive editions. It is precisely the diversity through six different perspectives Forum wants to challenge well-known visual traditions. Subscribe to the pitch. Copies of the Forum print edition are available for inspection at the desk of the kabk library. Read the accompanying text on the assignment of the client.

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Annual Practical Assignment Nutshuis
4th year students

The Nutshuis is oriented at developments in urban culture and society. It deals with documentaries (films), discussions and debates, experimental live art and documentary photography (in a very broad sense). An annual practical assignment connects this the Hague based institution with the Royal Academy. This year's theme/working title is: behind the scenes and the exhibition of the work is scheduled for December. The building of the Nutshuis attracts a large and diverse audience.

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Filmhuis Den Haag is looking for an enthusiastic photography student

That is available - on a flexible basis, on demand - in 2016 for the visualization of filmprograms in Filmhuis Den Haag. The aim is to explore the many facets of Filmhuis Den Haag - watch and create film, education, food and drinks - and capture the diversity of our visitors. These images are used for promotion via the website, online and offline campaigns, leaflets and social media. This means that you as a photographer will be present at various events and festivals (this can be both day and night, weekdays and weekends). Are you enthusiastic, creative and flexible? Send an email with a short CV to Josien Buijs, head of marketing,

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Practical Assignment NDT - Korzo - KABK
Up & Coming Choreographers 2016

Third and fourth year students who are going to work on their practical assignment, this is a great opportunity, especially if you are interested in dance.

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VERY INTERESTING ASSIGNMENT: Create a work of art to brighten up the offices of the Council of Cultu
Sign up before 28 February / For students in year 2,3 and 4

Interesting task or challenge to respond quirky to a given space and at the same time to the function or meaning of the Council for Culture.

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Looking for social media editors

For KABK social Media we are looking for different creative editors (video editor, photo editor, audience engagement editor, text editor, inspiration editor). Please sign up by sending an email to Donald Weber [email protected]

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Practical Assignment NIDI - KABK
The FaMiLife project: Families of Migrant Origin

Fourth year students (Documentary & Fiction) who are going to work on their practical assignment: This is a great opportunity, especially if you are interested in the theme of migration. Of course the pitch is open for all Photography students.

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The February Strike
25 February 2016

The February Strike celebrates in 2016 its 75 anniversary with a Memorial program with extra activities, such as meetings in the Balie, theatre performances of STAAKT, and the commemoration / ceremony day itself; this year with the presence of the King.

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Assignment for fashion photographer

For an amazing fashion event, which takes place at the end of January, we are looking for a talented photographer to make photo’s and/or a movie during this event. It a good opportunity to expand your portfolio and gain work experience in fashion in Amsterdam.

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